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W.R. [11/16-11/18] :: Goals, Catharsis, and Random Musings

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Another week flew by and I'm left with this really baffled look on my face because I don't know how Friday is here already. lol I've been busy working on Christmas shopping (yes really, I start very early), a huuuuge filing cabinet clearing out, and attempting to get health insurance stuff sorted out for next year. It's crazy how looking at old bank statements—I found some that were 10 years old—can remind you of funny things. Seeing where we went out for dinner or a payment going for my old message boards, even medical bills from the birth of the tot had a funny way of putting things in perspective during times that seem really confusing and scary politically speaking. It feels good to be running some of these things through the shredder... likes overdraft notices from years ago and old cell phone bills that tell a strange story of their own. It's all been very cathartic.

When I haven't been shredding papers and trying to decide which insurance plan is best for our family I've attempted to read. I'm sad to report that a book I had really wanted to love fell flat for me. But I'm finally on track as far as my Goodreads reading goal for the year is concerned. 75 books was my goal for this year. I did 85 last year and knew this year would be harder with the little one in a new stage and the elder kidlets being teenagers. Did you guys set reading goals this year? I find them both good and bad, good in that they keep me challenged so I don't slack off and bad in that I get discouraged when I'm not making huge progress ahead of where I should be.

Last night I started Born to Be Wild. I don't usually read romantic suspense but I thought the change of pace might be stimulating for my brain without straying too far. I really wanted to start Greta and the Goblin King because I've been anticipating it for a long time and finally saw the review copies on NetGalley but I do owe reviews to a few authors who've requested first. But expect me to get started on it around the end of the month. I'm honored that so many indie authors have been approaching me with their books but have had to turn down many due to time constraints. What are you guys reading this weekend?
It looks like a lot of y'all will be hitting the theater. I completely forgot today was T:BD2 until this morning. I'm strangely very neutral to Twilight. I read the books and have enjoyed the movies but it's not something I'm fangirly over. I think I might be the only one. lol Anyone else enjoy them but not frantic to be first in line at the box office?
On that note I am off to take a Sims 3 break. I've been in dire need of video game time after months of not playing one. I find that The Sims 3 has this weird stress reducing quality reading doesn't have for me. Probably because I can control everything. ;) Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to leave a comment telling me what you're reading! -- Rhi
P.S. -- I will draw the giftcard winners on Sunday when I have time to sit down without the hubs and kids demanding my attention. That way I can make sure there weren't any spammer entries and get the GCs to the winners as soon as they email me back. Thanks for waiting everyone. :)

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