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Weekend Reading [11/02-11/04] :: Tracing Moonlight, how do you like your swag?, & birthday plans...

At some point last week my husband got the mail which is usually something I do. He came in and handed me 'some creepy junkmail thingy'...
Taking the stack of mail I resisted the urge to slap him and tore into my goodies from Bree & Donna. The hubs still thinks I'm being stalked by some weirdo who sends junkmail but I was doing a happy dance. As I snapped these pics to show y'all I thought... 'gee, I wonder who else out there has a swag collection?'. Which then lead to another idea involving finding someone who wants to do some swag trades but I'll leave that for another time.

But I would love to know... what's your favorite kind of swag? My favorites are bookmarks and trading cards. Bookmarks for obvious reasons, trading cards because they hardcore play to my inner geek. You'd have to laugh but years ago I made digital trading cards for my RPG group friends of their characters. *snicker* Not nearly as nice as the ones authors are sending out but it was really fun and my friends loved them. :)

This weekend I'm a bit bogged down with RL. I haven't had an actual birthday party in decades. I just never have much of a social circle and usually spend mine with family. So this year I suggested we go out dancing with some friends but with the economy crappy and people having stuff going on next weekend we got a better idea. Dance Central 3 on the Kinect, I'm whipping up some goodies from cookbooks I got on NetGalley, and an adult hot cocoa bar. I'm hoping people show up or I'm gonna fill up on cookies and schnapps laced hot chocolate then dance til I pass out all alone.

When I'm not busy party planning, juggling the kids, making baked crab rangoon, and helping the hubs with falconry biz I'll be working on A Trace of Moonlight. I'm still butt-hurt about being ignored for the blog tour but the book has been really enjoyable so far. I heart Allison for putting Abby onto the page and just about everything she's put into the world of the series. If you haven't started it yet it should say something that it's one of only five series I preorder as soon as they can be preordered.

Anywho, if I get a moment I might jump back into Pilgrim of the Sky which is F-ing amazing. The weird thing is I'm working on it slowly because it has such a strangely wonderful concept. It just blew my mind so much from the get-go I knew I couldn't rush it or I'd be confused. Very cool and fresh. I can't wait to see what other readers think of it. :)

And on that note I am off to dabble in a glass of red wine and maybe some La Roux (I am so obsessed with In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix) it's not funny lol) for a few then book and bed. I hope y'all have a great weekend and as always drop in and tell me what you have planned and what you're reading! ♥ -- Rhi


Mary Kirkland said...

I love swag. I have a big collection of bookmarks, some of them signed.

Anonymous said...

Wow... That looks nice, Rhi.

I've been having more time, so I've been looking at your blog now. ;)

Oh, and I was able to finally add a chat thing on my WP book review blog. :D

I'm also trying to catch up with my reviews. xD

And Happy (early?) B-day! :P

Rhianna said...

:) Nice Mary! I get kind of bummed now that I read 9/10 books on my ereader since there's no fun way to bookmark them.

I have been so bad about visiting any blogs other than my own lately Koori so I completely get it. RL gets so busy from mid-Sept. until January for me I feel like a jerk because I kind of stay in my own zone. :S Thanks for participating in the S.O.S. meme though!


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