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Review: Tales of the Macabre by Edgar Allen Poe & Benjamin Lacombe

Tales of the Macabre by Edgar Allan Poe and Benjamin Lacombe
Classics, Illustrated Classics, Horror
Release Date: November 27th
Hardcover $29.95 (224 pages, ARCHAIA ENTERTAINMENT) A unique luxury edition of some of Edgar Allan Poe's famous short stories, Tales of the Macabre takes the reader into the heart of a dozen stories, including The Fall of The House of Usher, Berenice, and The Black Cat... all beautifully illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe. Includes Charles Baudelaire's essay on Poe's life and works.
Author Site: benjaminlacombe.com

Lovely giftable edition for the Poe fanatic (4 stars)

It's been years since I sat down and devoured Poe's Tell-Tale Heart for school related purposes but it made a mark on my teenaged psyche that set a tone for my favoring stories where madness and murder, melancholy and fright are embraced. When I saw this illustrated version of TALES OF THE MACABRE I was absolutely thrilled. Aside from Edward Gorey and Victoria Frances I can't imagine another illustrator I'd be more excited to see lending imagery to these classicly horrific tales.

I am by no means a Poe afficianado but I have a soft spot for illustrated classics and though at times I felt the pictures didn't suit the page they were placed on this is a tome that fans are sure to delight in. I was actually wishing I knew a teenager who was new to Poe that I could gift this to because I think I'd have treasured it during my teen years. Lacombe's large eyed and haunted looking character illustrations have a certain surreal and spooky quality that works so well. In particular I loved those for The Black Cat and Lenore.

The addition of essays regarding Poe's life and how his works came about was fascinating. Previously, I honestly knew very little about Poe and his rather tragic life only enriches the reader's experience of each somber story shared here. I would recommend this edition of Poe's macabre tales to Poe newbies and collectors alike.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

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