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Long Weekend W.R. [11/21-11/25] :: O'Kane ♥, Holiday Madness, & that pic I forgot to share from Halloween...

The Nerd & the Witch... who wants to write that PNR title?
& yes he's pretending to grab my boob... *facepalm*
Wow. Thanksgiving crept up on me.

It's kind of a bittersweet holiday for me. It makes me miss my grandparents, the ones who have passed and the ones who are still alive, just too far away for a get-together. I'm having an especially hard time with it for some reason this year. Maybe because I feel very alone in my RL in general? Why does everyone I love have to be so far from me and everyone too sickly and/or poor to be able to uphold these kind of rituals. I sometimes wonder if I'm borderline OCD because rituals to mark time help me stay focused and motivated.

This weekend our son turns 13, I will officially be the parent of a teenager! It's freaking scary. Not so much because it makes me feel old—which it most definitely is doing—but because I'm realizing how close we are to him becoming a man. I hope he will turn out to be a good one and learn from the generations of men he descends from's many mistakes. I hope in a few years this phase of not liking to acknowledge me as someone he loves outside of a goodnight hug will pass too. It's rough being a boy's mom sometimes. lol Where once he would get mad if I didn't hug and kiss him before he went into school, now he won't even let me call him by his special parental nickname in public without getting mad.

I'm ready for it to be Christmas! I'm sick of everyone—and no offense is intended by this so please no one spork me over saying it—bitching on Facebook about how the stores are open on Thanksgiving. Just be thankful (note the key word there) that your family members have jobs!!! My hubs is working tomorrow and you don't hear me bitchin'. Of course, part of that's because his job saves lives and we could use the extra $$ holiday pay to take care of our own gift giving but sheesh... there are so many things that are more worth the bitch fest! That said, I've never shopped Black Friday. It's rare anything we'd want to be gifting is going to be that great of sale item. I'm easy... buy me slippers, sweets, Sims expansions, TV seasons on DVD, or action figures/dolls/whatever I'm collecting and I'm happy. I don't need some giant TV or a laptop that only has 10% of the specs I need for gaming just cause they're on sale. :P

Are any of you planning to brave the crowds? Please be safe if you are! I've heard horror stories and worked enough BF's in my younger years to know it can get rage inducing and violent.

If, like me, you're planning to spend your weekend at home what are you gonna be up to? I'm fantasizing about leftovers and playing The Sims 3 if I can swing it. I'm working on A Hint of Frost: Araneae Nation which is a bit more fantasy than anything I've read in ages but is such a wicked neat concept as far as the 'people' go. I'm still not sure what exactly they are... dragons or a sort is kind of what I'm getting. It's strange and I already love the heroine but hate the hero. It might actually be the first Samhain title I've actually read now that I'm pondering on it... no wait... wasn't something I read by Moira Rogers from Samhain? Hmmm. I shall have to look into it.

While I'm on the subject of Moira Rogers/Kit Rocha... Zazzle has a 40% off deal on mugs today only! So you can grab the awesomesauce O'Kane coffee mug for under $10. I actually had a $10 promo code emailed to me so I got mine for only $5.95 (plus the shitty $5.99 for shipping) this morning. Can't wait for it to arrive so I can join the gallery. Now I've gotta watch for the T-shirt to have a promo. Wouldn't the Stone Green or Grey be freaking awesome? (OH! and if you're a MyPoints member you get 7pts per dollar spent on Zazzle when you go through their link... not a member? Leave a comment with your email addy and I'll invite you... I've earned a $50 giftcard for Amazon already this year and almost to another one).

Well, anywho... my kitchen looks like a dirty dish bomb went off and I could use a cup of tea. If you're celebrating this weekend have a lovely holiday and if not... stay out of trouble. :P I didn't want to get all saptastic and do one of those lists of things I'm thankful for but who knows what tomorrow might bring if my morning goes as planned. Just know that you wonderful people who read my posts and write books for me to read are one of the biggest blessings I'm thankful for every day of the year, not just the holidays. *hugs all around* ♥ -- Rhi


Unknown said...

Cute photo: The Nerd, The Witch and The Boobie (lame!). LOL

The O'Kane logo looks like a cross between Ed Hardy & Sons of Anarchy.

Rhianna said...

*giggle* He does this in like every photo we're in together... it's like his hand is doing its own photo bomb. >_<

I def got the SOA feel on the O'Kane logo but—and I'm not sure if you've read the book so bear with me—the whole book feels like it takes inspiration from the show so it made sense. SOA's actually my FAVE show already so it was definitely right up my alley. I was even having a hard time not picturing Dallas as a young Ron Perlman.

Unknown said...

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