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Weekend Reading [10/05-10/07] :: Smiles, Snow, & What I'm Reading

Okay... so it took me long enough to find my freaking camera that it doesn't look as much like it's smiling as it did when I first looked down at it. But I swear my coffee was smiling at me. Maybe it was a freaky fluke but I like to think some unseen force knew I needed a smile.
I'm getting this weekend's Weekend Reading post up today since I have a special guest tomorrow. As much as I dislike interviewing, the authors from the Bliss imprint have been such lovely guests and I can't wait for you to meet Roxanne Snopek tomorrow.
We had our first snow this week and I barely survived it. How can weather be 80 on Monday and then hit freezing on Wednesday? Brrrr. All I wanted to do was stay inside but instead spent yesterday evening trying not to shake to pieces watching my son's football game. (They won and he actually got to play most of the game so it was way worth the chill).

What are you guys reading this weekend? I'm finishing up the uber naughty (and crazy good) BEYOND SHAME by Kit Rocha and getting started on Lea Nolan's CONJURE. A weird contrast that's for sure.

With the wonky weather and life being life the hubs and I didn't celebrate our 13th anniversary on Tuesday so we're hoping to get a sitter and have a special dinner out tomorrow. Here's hoping the weather's nice enough I can wear heels!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and would love to know what plans you have for reading and fun! -- Rhi

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