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Review: Night Thief by Lisa Kessler

Night Thief by Lisa Kessler
Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Historical
Ebook $2.99 (109 pages, ENTANGLED)
After the fall of the Mayan civilization, Kane, an immortal Night Walker, has taken refuge in France for over 800 years. The modern world holds little interest for him until the night he meets the Golden Thief and is robbed of much more than his pocket watch. Marguerite Rousseau is living a double life. By day she is the assistant to an eccentric French artist, Antoine Berjon, and by night she dons elegant evening gowns to woo French dignitaries before lifting their wallets. Sparks ignite when Kane captures the thief, but Marguerite harbors a dark secret that could ruin them both.
Author Site: lisa-kessler.com

An aperitif for NIGHT DEMON... (4 stars)

An immortal Night Walker, with a jaguar spirit, Kane has made a home for himself in Paris. The Mayan people from which he came have long since fallen and the world around him has long since lost his interest. When a not-so-chance meeting with the elegant seductress known as the Golden Thief leaves him missing his pocket watch it is only a matter of time before he discovers just exactly why she has turned to thievery. Marguerite Rousseau spends her days as an assistant to Antoine Berjon, an artist known for his talent and pecularity. It is his secret that has driven her to her dangerous evening pastime. When Kane discovers the mystery behind his Golden Thief and her master's secret he vows to release Rita from Antoine's hold over her.

To my utter frustration I must admit I wasn't fully satisfied with NIGHT THIEF. Kessler's Night Walkers is a series I've been being as patient as possible for but this was only a nice bite when I was starving. I'm baffled as to why NIGHT DEMON still doesn't have a release date. That whine aside my big problem with NIGHT THIEF was that I felt like something was missing. There just wasn't enough background on Kane to have me fully interested in his relationship with Rita. Maybe it's the curse of the novella length not allowing enough time to be spent on it?

Putting aside that I didn't feel connected enough to Kane, I loved the idea of a lovely female thief roaming the social scene by night and seducing fools out of their purses and trinkets. Rita proves to be a very likable heroine stuck in a really awful situation. That she's protecting someone dear to her and trying to save them in the process proves her gumption. Big kudos to Kessler who didn't write Rita having instant love or even quick trust for Kane! It made me proud of her resolve as a heroine and the eventual building of their romance much sweeter.

NIGHT THIEF might be a little jarring to readers who haven't yet read NIGHT WALKER because there's a lot to know about the immortals who are but yet aren't vampires that I feel was better covered in the latter. On the same hand, if you read this first it might intrigue you enough to go back and read NIGHT WALKER. (In all honesty I would recommend reading them in order). Those who've already read it might find that this one is entirely historical in setting a bit mucky to get through if they prefer contemporary settings. Overall, not an unenjoyable addition to the series, just not enough to calm the hunger for the next book... please Entangled... stop torturing me and release it already!

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Notes: Review copy received via publisher.

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Lisa Kessler said...

Thanks for reading and reviewing Night Thief!!! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the novella, but I'm sorry I still have no Night Demon release date! LOL

The book is already in soI should have something to report soon...

Lisa :)

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