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Interview: Author Kelley Vitollo [LUCKY BREAK Blog Tour]

Hi Kelley and welcome to RhiReading where today we're celebrating the exciting start of your Shamrock Falls series for Entangled Publishing's sweet and sassy category romance line, Bliss. I'll sheepishly admit, LUCKY BREAK, wasn't my first pick of Bliss' launch titles but once I started reading and realized it's set in my home state I did a big ol' mental happy dance. It has a great small town setting and plenty of characters for readers to fall in love with.

LOL! I was lucky to be part of the launch with such great books. I'm glad you like it and I loved writing the small town and all the characters.

Sidney and Kade, heroine and hero of LUCKY BREAK, were childhood best friends until she took off to pursue her acting dream without even saying goodbye. When she comes back to Shamrock Falls for a vacation the tension is thick. What was the most challenging part of writing a romance where the couple has this much history and hurt?

It's hard to make it so people understand why Sidney did what she did--if not understand it, sympathize with her. I loved their history. It was one of my favorite parts to write, but I admit it was difficult getting them both past the hurt and to a place where they could move forward.

With a tagline of 'sweet & sassy short romance' one of the key elements of the Bliss imprint that makes it different from its sister imprints is that any love scenes are closed-door or 'fade to black'. What can you tell my readers about LUCKY BREAK that might convince those who love their romances filled with steamy love scenes to give it a try in spite of the lack of nitty gritty details?

I think it's a challenge to write sexy without giving all the details. Sexual tension is upped. It can be exciting to experience the attraction and emotions through sexual tension. And then when they do finally go there, the reader's imagination can fill in all those fun details ☺

While romances are, by formula, all about a couple coming together, great secondary characters really strengthen them in my opinion. While LUCKY BREAK is Sidney and Kade's story, we readers also meet secondary characters Rowan, Betsy, and Jace—characters with the potential for stories of their own. Can you tell us anything about who in Shamrock Falls will be getting their happily-ever-after next?

I can! Rowan's story is next. It releases in December and is titled, LUCK OF THE DRAW. Rowan finally gets her B&B and is up for a surprise when her guest is the sexy, poker-playing, playboy she had a one-night-stand with.

You have already published several YA titles under another pen name but romance remains the common theme. What are some of your favorite love stories (that you didn't write) or ones that have inspired you in your own writing?

I'm a huge romance addict. I love The Outlander. The way Jamie loves Claire is so very beautiful. I think there are very few epic romances out there and The Outlander is one. I'm a big Black Dagger Brotherhood fan too.

And now for a few completely just-for-fun questions!

If (hypothetically, of course), Sidney had decided to stay in L.A. and get her big break, which sexy Hollywood hunk would you want to see her make the tabloids with?

LOL. That's hard because no one is as good as Kade. I am going to say Chris Hemsworth just because I thing he is so incredibly hot ;)

Now that Shamrock Falls' favorite bar/bowling alley is back up and running I assume there will be league nights. Who's team would you want to play on and what would its name be?

Hmm… I think I would be on Kade's team. He's so passionate about everything that I would want that to rub off on me. LOL.

Every other year or so I head up to the region where the fictitious town of Shamrock Falls is located to visit family. If I happened to drop by Lucky's for drinks with my cousins and asked for the LUCKY BREAK cocktail what would it consist of?

It would be Kade's special mixture of Blue Hawaiians. When people read the book they will know why.

Thanks so much for being here today to answer my goofy questions and the very best wishes for inspiration for more Shamrock Falls stories... 'cause I can't wait to read them!

Thank you so much! I had a blast.

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Joanne said...

Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it to see more of Kade and Sidney. Thanks for the fun and informative interview. I really enjoy secondary characters. Sometimes they're more interesting than the H/h.


Rhianna said...

Exactly Joanne! I'm always thrilled if there's a solid secondary cast because I don't always like the main H/h pairing. I must be picky or something. lol

Definitely pick up LUCKY BREAK, it's very sweet and a great series starter.


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