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Interview: Author Rachel Astor [SUGAR RUSH Blog Tour]

Dear readers-- I have been devouring SUGAR RUSH over the past couple of days and just know it's going to be a hit with you if you have as much of a sweet tooth as I do. I was very excited to interview Rachel and hope you'll enjoy reading her answers as much as I enjoyed trying to think of some sweet (*giggle,giggle*) questions for her to answer. -- Rhi

Hi Rachel! Welcome to RhiReading, where today we’re celebrating the launch titles of Entangled Publishing’s latest imprint, Bliss. Your title, SUGAR RUSH, features dueling chocolatiers on a collision course with love, has one seriously adorable cover, AND includes a special candy recipe! {Readers take note this book will inspire some hardcore indulgence of the sweet tooth, you've been warned. ;)}

Thanks so much for having me!

While SUGAR RUSH is a romance, the hero and heroine are facing off in the Annual Assembly of Chocolatiers. Which came first, your characters, Dulcie and Nick, or the concept of a H/H competing as the plot that brings them together? Was there any special inspiration behind either?

The plot actually came first, though Dulcie and Nick were not far behind. I love to think about my readers and what might make them happy, so my plots tend to be closely related to jobs or events that I see as being tons of fun—such as running a candy store! And what better way to fall in love than within that theme of chocolate and candy? It can’t help but be a sweet romance! ;) Dulcie was the first character I came up with and it was tons of fun getting into the mind of a chocolate genius- and as a side note, the name Dulcie means ‘sweet.’

With a tagline of ‘sweet & sassy short romance’ one of the key elements of the Bliss imprint that makes it different from its sister imprints is that any love scenes are closed-door or ‘fade to black’. What can you tell my readers about SUGAR RUSH that might convince those who love their romances filled with steamy love scenes to give it a try in spite of the lack of nitty gritty details?

I’ve always been a fan of the sweeter side of romance (no pun intended!), and with my other books, it’s proven to be something people really seem to connect to. I think it’s those very first sparks…the angsty ‘does he like me or doesn’t he?’ phase of a relationship, that really gets a chance to be in the forefront. So many emotions can swirl even before anything steamy (or too steamy at least *grin*) happens, and the Bliss line gives us a chance to explore some of those feelings a little more closely.

In the age of e-commerce and big-box-chains Dulcie’s small business dilemma isn’t far-fetched at all. Publishing can even be a lot of the same and it’s fascinating to see the wide variety of options an author now has to bring their stories to the masses. What has your writing journey been like and what’s the best tip you can share with aspiring romance writers?

Absolutely! Times are definitely changing and I personally have had a lot of success with my self-published series. Now, with Sugar Rush I’ve been lucky enough to publish with the digital teams at Entangled and Bliss. I don’t rule out anything for the future including traditional paper publishing, as each book is different and different formats can work for different types of books. I am a big believer that everybody’s journey is unique and that there is no right or wrong way to go about living your dream.

Now that SUGAR RUSH has been out long enough for many readers to have snapped it up and devoured it, I have to ask: will we see more sassy and sweet Bliss releases from you in the future?

I have nothing under contract as of right now, but there is certainly a lot of sweet and sassy romance left in me, and Bliss and Entangled have been wonderful to work with!

And now for a few just for fun queries:

If you were stranded on a desert island but could only bring 3 items featured in SUGAR RUSH what would they be?

Well, hopefully I can find a way to make electricity, because I’d love to take along Nick’s fancy-schmancy coffee maker, some jazz music, and of course, Dulcie’s family Spell Book of Sweets.

If I went into my favorite pub and ordered a SUGAR RUSH, a drink inspired by the book, what kind of cocktail would the bartender serve me?

Hmm…great question! I’d say definitely something in a Martini glass with a sugared rim and lots of chocolate flavor inside, topped with a chocolate-dipped cherry for good measure.

And lastly, my readers love to know how celebrated the release of SUGAR RUSH... were you too chocolated out by the end of the manuscript to treat yourself to some Godiva? ;)

Lol – there’s no such thing as being chocolated out! Actually I was on vacation in Niagara Falls on release day. What an amazing place to visit!

Thank you so much for the interview Rachel and congratulations on the new release!

Thanks for having me!

Now see what I mean? I'm having to hold myself back from the delicious Theo chocolates I bought last week after reading this. If you haven't grabbed your copy it's available as an ebook only from retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also get to know more about Rachel and her books through the following linkage...

Connect with Rachel Astor

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Shari Green said...

Loved the interview--thanks! I downloaded SUGAR RUSH the other day and am really looking forward to reading it. I rarely read romance, but "sweet and sassy" sounds like the type of romance I'll enjoy! And chocolate, too?! Perfect. :)


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