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W.R. [08/10-08/12] :: Ambitions, Donations, & Legalities

As you guys know, I tend to lean toward the American Red Cross as far as nudging charitable aid here on the blog. What you might not know is why. The ARC is often known more for its blood services than other areas. Did you know that when a soldier is deployed and there is a family emergency they are often reached through the ARC? That's how my husband learned about the birth of our first child. They provide aid to disaster victims around the world, first aid and CPR training to their communities, and of course, blood services. While patients never know where their transfused blood comes from you'd probably be amazed to learn just how much work goes into making sure there are transfusible 'products' when people need them. I know a bit about it because my husband is just one of the many people who work to make sure that when blood is needed it's ready to be used.

When you have an intimate knowledge of how precious blood is (transfusions have saved lives within my family) and the importance of the services the ARC provides it's hard not to want to help out in any way you possibly can. It's recently been in the news that blood donations are critically low. At the same time the hubs and I were discussing ways the ARC could reach out and appeal to a new generation.

Being me I suggested they find a way to play on the pop culture popularity of vampires. The trouble is we really don't know where to start and how to approach—not to mention sort out the legalities of—the desired entities. As a reviewer and blogger I think I'm pretty good at marketing books (and products)... it's the whole putting it together (and of course, making sure all the legal I's are dotted and T's crossed) part that's got me overwhelmed. Which is why I'm focusing there rather than say, trying to track down how I could legally get the True Blood cast involved or something of that nature.

So in the interest of querying my fanbase and friends (as potential contributors from either side) for feedback I'm curious what you'd think of the following scenarios...

  • Would you purchase an ebook anthology featuring vampire stories in the price range of $3-$5 if all or a significant percentage of the proceeds went to the American Red Cross? Would you as an author, editor, or artist be willing to donate your work/time to such a project?

  •  If it gave you extra entries to a big giveaway such as a Kindle Fire, vampire book themed giftbasket, multi-prize super-swag pack would you be willing to contribute to the ARC through blood donation, monetary donation, or volunteering? Authors and Bloggers, would you be willing to donate goodies for a giveaway like this?

  • Authors and Bloggers, would you be willing to take part in a weekend blog hop or social media blitz with a vampire focus that encouraged your readers' awareness of the need for blood donation?

I would greatly appreciate ALL feedback I can possibly get because I'd like to present these potential scenarios and volunteer my time in facilitating or coordinating them to the marketing department of the ARC. There's just only so much I can do as one person and this is an area I feel like I could offer something new and untried, something they wouldn't have been able to do or even think of as a marketing strategy of their own. Of course, the key to it all is that they can't pay for any of it. ALL of it has to be donated by folks like me who want to spread the word and have time/materials/etc. they can donate beyond their blood.

So this weekend I'm actually taking a break from the Paranormal and treating myself to a read that I didn't even get to review. Yeah, I'm reading a book I bought and have NO obligation to review. That I am totally going to anyway. lol What's hilarious is that once again I was all like 'mom-in-law you needs buy these books full of steamy hawtness' and she goes 'oh yeah? hmmmmm already haz them! you looz!'. Because we really do seem like lolcats when we talk books. ;) Anyone else get crazy spazzy when they get together with a fellow Bookie?
Anyways, Wrong Bed, Right Guy is seriously sexy. Like, I don't even want Gabe to get with Elle yet because I find her undeserving at the moment and he is luuuucious. You have to say it just like that. Draw it out. I honestly don't have a 'type' with guys/heroes but damn if he doesn't make me think I should. I actually forgot to lament the fact that there wasn't a paranormal element to this story. Hopefully Elle grows on me, 'cause so far I wanna punch her in the face and steal her man. :P

Now what are you guys reading this weekend? -- Rhi

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Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

I think you have some great ideas there, Rhi. I've seen the 1st one done for other charities so I don't see why it couldn't happen with the ARC.

I also think that you can mesh #2 & #3 together and do something great. Actually, I just messaged you about something similar. ;)

I'm not sure all the legalities on it either but I have no doubt it's something that you can pull off and I'll be happy to help, just give me a shout.


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