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Review: Lucid by P.T. Michelle

Lucid (Brightest Kind of Darkness #2) by P.T. Michelle
Young Adult, Supernatural, Romance
Ebook $4.99 (274 pages, SELF PUBLISHED) Once Nara combines her prophetic ability with Ethan's power to outsmart Fate at his own deadly cat-and-mouse game, she's more determined than ever to help Ethan learn the meaning behind the raven sword tattoo that suddenly appeared on his back after their confrontation with Fate. During her quest to uncover the tattoo's secrets, Nara enlists the help of some new friends and discovers her own surprising connection to Ethan. While Nara digs deeper into the mystery, her desire for answers leads her down a dangerous path full of powerful and ruthless enemies. Swept into an age-old battle, Nara quickly learns that keeping one's enemies close can be a necessary evil, making an intangible enemy she can control far more preferable to the human enemies she can't.
Author Site: ptmichelle.com

Great Sequel, But Less Ethan(5 stars)

Though I usually love to give my own blurby recount of the plot of books I review I think the official one does such a good job I can spare you the time and just jump right in. LUCID is definitely different from BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS. For me, as a reader and fan, it worked really well. I loved that with Ethan gone trying to reconnect with his parents Nara didn't spend all of her time moping over his absense. Instead she gets to work trying to find out more about his mysterious sword tattoo. Readers who are more inclined to focusing on the romance element of the story might find Ethan's long absense frustrating but I truly felt it enriched them both as characters and gave us a chance to see how Nara could handle things without him. That said, be prepared if you loved their romantic interludes best, LUCID focuses much more on their supernatural secrets.

Nara gets herself into some trouble through this story that is sure to have you staying up late into the night to finish it. It was just as difficult to put down as the first. Michelle is a truly gifted storyteller and looking at the estimated page count for it I honestly thought it was at least another 150 pages longer because so much happens!
New students at school make for new friends and those who dislike love triangles might panic with Drystan coming on the scene. I actually really liked him and look forward to seeing what involvement he will have in the next in the series. For the sake of not going spoilery on you I'll just say that he's no real competition for Ethan but makes for a great companion when Nara needs someone there.

I tend to pick up coming plot twists really easily and did pretty well with LUCID but it still had a lot of surprises for even me. If you enjoyed BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS I think you'll love how action packed LUCID is. There's a lot of mystery and new developments of the supernatural kind that will whet your appetite for the third book to devour. While not as romance-centric this time around I think those who love the relationship between Nara and Ethan will find the building up of them as individuals that happens here—though Ethan's primarily happens 'off screen'—to ultimately be enriching to their couplehood.

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Notes: ARC received via author.

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P.T. Michelle said...

Thank you for the great review, Rhi! I'm so happy you enjoyed LUCID. :)



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