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Weekend Reading [06/22-06/24] :: Love FREE books? Read on...

Insomnia and I have been unhappy bedfellows since I was a small child. Thanks to the joy that is having a seizure disorder and the medication that prevents me from being like a glitchy computer—frequent crashing and restarts, eh?—I can't take a lot of sleep aids. You know your insomnia is bad when you're so tired you can't read without the words jumbling and yet you can't fall asleep either. Of course hearing about others' struggles with getting off sleep meds is enough to make me content to not sleep some nights but darn if I'm not pooped this weekend. I also have to reread a chapter of Queen of Swords because I have no idea what I read the other night. lol

It's been a good week really though. I won an awesome prize from a boutique makeup brand that I've been privately happy dancing about until it gets here and I can show it off on RhiAlistic. Then I got really lucky and after years of hoping for one, I got a TV through Amazon Vine. I love getting and reviewing books but once in a while I love to get electronics and stuff because books aren't the only thing I review. How can those two things not make this sleep-deprived week a little bit awesome? I mean, who doesn't love getting free stuff? And speaking of free stuff... did you know I've been posting Kindle freebie links on RhiReading's Facebook page? 'Like' it and ye shall receive. ;)

This weekend I've got a spa date with the mom-in-law where we can dish books as we get pedis and I can finally find out what she thinks of the new season of True Blood so far. She's a series purist and hated last season so she said she wouldn't watch it anymore if they weren't going to follow the books... but I know she's watching it anyway. :P What do you guys think? I've been avoiding doing TV Mondays posts due to time crunches and the fact they never get commented on.

I'll probably try and finish Team Human by Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan this weekend because it's a bit... hmmm, can't find the right word. Lame? I guess that'd work. Considering how much I enjoyed Larbalestier's contributions to Zombies vs. Unicorns I guess I was expecting more. All the book seems to have going for it thus far is the fact that the protagonist, Mel, isn't white. I'm always really thrilled to see more racial diversity in my paranormal fiction. We'll see if it can't redeem itself soon.

On that note I am off to caffienate myself some more. My zombie-like state from sleeplessness is really not going to make for a pleasant mommy today and I'm working on a gigantic closet clean-up project. Imagine having a kid that's almost 3 and that you haven't gotten rid of ANY of their stuff from the day they were born on. I've got about 7 trashbags full of clothes, shoes, toys, and various sundries to find a home for... maybe I can pull off a yard sale and make some book $$? Oooh this is a good idea... must go ponder some more. See ya on the flipside y'all! -- Rhi

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Braine @ Talk Supe said...

I get bouts of insomia too and I get really frustrated when melatonin or advil PM doesn't work! I hate being sleep deprived and being in a trance all day.

Your mom in law is funny but I agree, I bet she still watches the latest TB season LOL but let her keep it a secret ;)

Talk Supe


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