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Weekend Reading [06/01-06/03] :: Booze & Books

Duuuude. I have groceries! You know how you empty the fridge when you leave on a long trip only to come back and be ravenous with NOTHING but condiments and the junk in cans or from the freezer? Oh yeah that's been my week. Fortunately we got our butts out for food today so I'm feeling much more pleasant.

After my time away I am so glad to be home but now it's catch-up time right as school is getting out and it's time to pay bills and do yard work. My basil and tomato plants (as mentioned a while back on RhiAlistic) are now in the ground but I still have a lot of weeding to do and the back yard needs to be reseeded in spots. I am never getting another dog BTW. If I ever say I want one somebody give me a virtual smack upside the head.

So hmmm.... highlights from my trip. Having a shot of Grey Goose. I always wondered what V's obsession was with the stuff. Now I know. I am forever spoiled for cheap vodka. Getting out with my guys to see The Avengers. It fricking rocked. It was epic. Loved it! Spending some time getting to know my friend's bride. We shopped and had lunch and a mani/pedi session with her wonderful mom. We were even asked if we were twins! Needless to say I am super thrilled our buddy found a girl I'm going to enjoy being friends with now that he's settling down for the long haul. My purse broke while I was there so I had to buy a new one... it didn't have to be a pricey Coach one... but it is. *squee* I am in love with it. It's not my first but it's leather and I prefer leather.

The weather was gloriously rainy out there and if you've been reading RhiReading for a long time you know it's my favorite weather. But then we had a few nice days to enjoy some warmth and sun, one of which we had a beach day and the guys did a seriously killer crab pot thing for dinner. It was insanely delish and makes me miss living close enough to the ocean to enjoy fresh seafood. Crab, shrimp, clams, potatoes, sausage, corn on the cob... it was quite possibly the best meal I've ever had. Of course it was also made wonderful for the simple fact we were with good friends and I didn't have to cook it. lol

The trip wasn't without some bad too. My daughter got fever and vomiting sick the day before the wedding so I missed another big beach get together. I also missed the wedding ceremony and had to leave about 20 minutes into the reception because she just couldn't handle the setting. Too much going on and she wanted daddy really bad. The hubs looked so handsome in his tux but we didn't get a chance to have someone take our picture while we were both dressed up. I had a good long cry about it but what can you do eh? The drive home was exhausting and far too long. Going from the humid Northern Washington climate back to the dry Central Montana one has not been fun.

Reading wise I didn't find a lot of time. Wrangling kids is difficult in a bachelor pad and I often had to reread the same page several times just to finish it. I did get THE TAKEN done. My review isn't going to be very positive. It was highly disappointing. I also poured into THE SELECTION by debut author Keira Cass. Since coming home I was able to finish the last 3rd of it. It was really enjoyable but I expected it to be a single title, not a series. I'm not thrilled about that but we'll see what happens.

This weekend I am extending my crab and ocean love with my ARC of Brooke Moss' THE CARNY. I had to make myself put it down last night to get some sleep. I know first person narratives aren't popular in romances but I loooove it! Cheryl Brooks' SLAVE did it to perfection and regardless of what others think it remains a style I enjoy when I want to experience the romance as a bystander rather than feeling vicarious about it. I'm also hoping to keep working on Bob Curran's VAMPIRES, a non-fiction tome focusing on vampire lore throughout history and the world.

But enough rambling on about me. I really should go talk to the hubs about what we should do this evening. We had no time alone on our trip and are in dire need of a date night. As seems to often be the case it's my job to decide how we spend our evening. *faceplam* Is it awful all I want is a hot bath with some Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea bath salts, a glass of wine, and to lounge around watching movies together? It's the little things in life. lol

Have a wonderful weekend and as always please leave a comment telling me what you've been up to and what you're currently reading. I love hearing from you all! -- Rhi

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