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Weekend Reading [05/18-05/20] :: Over the mountains and far away...

I'm off on my lengthy adventure (or I will be at the time this auto-posts). I won't even expound on the horrid face just the thought is giving me. I am not the world's best traveler.

Perhaps that's just another reason to love books. I can go lots of places without having to pack or plan or deal with car rides. Yep. Book adventures are far more fun in that regard.

I wasn't planning to take any actual books with me but slogging through The Taken is forcing me to bring it. I was seriously counting on finishing it before I left. It feels like the more I read the longer it gets. It's not a 2 star so much as it's very... up and down. I can't think of a better way to describe it. Choppy might work. Either way I really am sick of it being in my Goodreads 'Currently Reading' list and the sidebar. lol

But let's talk about something fun shall we? My BBB (best-blogging-buddy) Crystal of Reading Between the Wines is hosting one heck of a sexy event while I'm gone...

I will admit I am a menage erotica virgin. Mostly because I can just imagine the conversation the hubs and I would have if he knew that's what I was reading. Not in a bad way mind you... but men are good at overanalyzing these things. Does the fact I'm reading m/f/m mean I want that IRL? lol No more than I'd actually want to live in a dystopian world or date a werewolf. But these things can get awkward. I'm turning pink in the ears already.
That said I'm looking forward to seeing what I can glean from the event and the suggestions others share. Maybe I can get over the blush factor to just enjoy something a bit racier than my usual fare, spice things up literarily (is that a real word? lol).
I'm also looking forward to devouring Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson when I get back. It's one of those genius story ideas I'd mulled on and now someone has done it! (I always disliked Wendy). Anyone else looking forward to reading it? I also have a review copy of Team Human by Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan that should be here when I get home. How had I not heard of this one? I'm going to blame my lack of paying attention to other bloggers' blogs. Bad Rhianna!

Well, my lovely readers. It's doubtful I will be able to blog from my iPad during my trip and I'm likely to be far too busy kid wrangling and such anyway. I will be back at the beginning of June and look forward to seeing what great stuff you've read while I was away. :) Have an awesome (and safe) Memorial Day weekend! -- Rhi

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hiya, Rhianna.

Haven't posted any comments in awhile, but I have been stalking.

I've only read one menage ebook so far. :P It was okay. I added a review of it on my blog and goodreads. :)

I would lend/loan since it's on kindle, but I still don't know too much about that service. Like if it's free to use and other questions.

I might remember to ask after I get some sleep. I've been up for almost 25 hours straight. >.>"


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