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Weekend Reading [05/11-05/13] :: Bored Books & Mommy Day

I'm having a rotten week. They happen. More than they should darnit. But I'm trying to crawl out of a funk on top of it so that hasn't helped. It's a reading funk. One of those ones where a book I've been looking forward to from an author I previously enjoyed is proving to be spectacularly crappy. Not the plot or the characters but the writing. WTF is a careless blue sky? Some of the flowery analogies and stuff are shockingly sloppy. I want to punch the author's editor in the face for letting some of these reach the ARC. I tried mixing it up with some vampire folklore 'non-fiction' reading but it's even MORE boring.


*more facepalm*

Not finding my reading enjoyable makes writing for the blog tough. What do you say about a book that's not holding your interest? I find I read much slower and in shorter sittings when I'm not being thoroughly engaged by a book.

This coming week I'll be hard at work getting ready for our big trip. I'd originally hoped to have planned and scheduled posts for a few of those days away but it's not likely to happen. I just haven't had enough excitement about reading things lately. The good news is that some time away often helps mellow out a funk and brings me back with some fresh thoughts to work with.

My review pile is looking a bit less ugly but I'll only be taking my ereading stuff on my trip to save space in our already overfilled, yet still not packed, car. Does anyone else have a big trip coming up now that the weather is becoming travel friendly? I wish I could say the hubs and I were taking a nice vacation, just the two of us but there just never seems to be enough money and time to fulfill familial obligations and do something for ourselves. Sometimes I read all the romantic places characters go and such and get seriously jealous. lol I suppose when your boyfriend can 'flash' from place to place or is so old he's made his millions ten times over going on a little romantic getaway is no big thang. :P

This weekend will probably be way too busy with trip preparations and planned company on Sunday. I kind of forgot all about it being Mother's Day. It's just never a big deal to me. As long as they all remember who's boss every day we're good. I like to think I'm very much a Molly Weasley—my favorite character from the series aside from Severus Snape—kind of mom without the large brood. Do you have a favorite fictional mom or one whom you think embodies your mothering style? I suppose not all of my readers are fellow moms but to those who are I hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day. What I wouldn't give for sleeping in, breakfast in bed, and a huge bouquet of pink peonies... I think that'd be a great way to celebrate. Instead I'll be cooking breakfast and counting the hours til the hubs gets off work so we can visit his mother.

If I get some time to read I'm still slogging through the ones noted in the sidebar. Maybe if I'm feeling honery enough I'll work a little on a Carina Press title I was looking forward to but haven't had much time for. Have a fab weekend and let me know what you're reading, you know how much I look forward to you sharing!!! -- Rhi

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SacredmOOn said...

I've had my share of reading funks as well as poker funks when I think about it. What can I say I love reading and poker. :D lol If a book is making me *face palm* & *roll my eyes* over and over I'll step back and take a much needed breather. Same with poker. I mostly play online and some peeps will make you think WTH kind of hand/play was that. Are you NUTS, CRAZY or DRUNK!! So I can totally feel where your coming from. It will pass. I hope you have fabulous vacation.
DeAnna Schultz


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