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What's new guys? I've been around but...

Blah blogger is blah. :P

Ugh, I hate this. I'm totally going through something in my private life that I can't really share and yet don't have anyone in the private life I can quite lay it on either. It's been a few years since I've felt like I was at a brick wall with something as important to me as my blog is. But I keep finding myself making up excuses to do anything BUT write for the blog. I know it's natural and lots of bloggers go through it, especially on one-reviewer blogs like mine. Doesn't make me feel any less cruddy that I'm not writing more than one post a week.

I wouldn't call it writer's block so much as a full-on mental resistance to anything social. When you feel overwhelmed and unhappy about serious stuff it can be tough wanting to write about the fun stuff or force tweets or focus on reviewing. On top of it I actually have been VERY busy all month preparing for a friend's wedding next month. You'd never guess how much preparation goes into a 10-day trip with kids until you have them. lol Making sure I have everything planned in advance from their fancy clothes and enough stuff to keep them entertained in a kid-free house to the dog's kennel reservations and stuff is seriously draining my mojo. Plus I hate traveling in general. I have a seriously embarrassing fear of being in vehicles as it is. Then go through 2 HUGE metropolitan areas, 4 dangerous mountain passes, and at least a 12 hour trip... OMG I'm giving myself hives.

So uhm yeah, that's kind of why I'm being a suck blogger right now. I don't mean to be, just feeling intensely quiet, and hard-core broody. Which is hot in paranormal heroes and so not hot in book bloggers. I did go out and finally get my nose pierced two weeks ago though. I have a really awful nose (thanks to my brother for breaking it when I was 12) so it's kind of like hanging a chandelier in an outhouse but I like it! :) Scratch another thing off the list of things I've wanted forever but never gotten around to doing.
I am reading believe it or not. Working hard on The Darkest Seduction right now. I think it'll be my last LOTU book though. I skipped the one before it and am actually only reading it for the Mythological Romance reading challenge. The series has just hit this point where it feels so... ridiculous. There's no other word for it. I adore Gena, she cracks me up and is sweet as punch. I'm just not loving the series. I find characters to love and then get frustrated when nothing goes on with them for so many books. There are just too many of them I think. I also started up The Taken: Celestial Blues 'cause I've been really looking forward to it. So far it's alright but I'm only about 30 pages in so I don't have enough to go on. I just know the Grif on the cover is in one of those retro man outfits that is so hawt it should be illegal. Alas, I tend to find a lot of old mens' fashions far sexier than what they wear these days. What do you think? Foxy, no?

I was so busy over the weekend I completely forgot about my weekend reading post. We were out of town for the day and then we had a night out on the town Saturday and next thing I knew it was tonight. lol So anwyho, I really am around just feeling really lurky and not very chatty. Hoping once this private life stuff gets smoothed over in the next month or so I'll come out of it full of energy and enthusiasm for y'all. In the meantime I'll try my best but no promises I'm gonna be an awesome blogger in the next month or so. -- Rhi


M.A.D. said...

Rhi, my heart 100% goes out to you, girl!! I know it stinks at the moment, but whatever it is will, eventually, pass [thank God!]. Sometimes, apathy & disinterest are natural reactions to stress in our lives. And I sincerely hope whatever the private thing is that's bugging you passes quickly & easily <3

Per the trip thing... omg. Seriously, I am exactly like you and hardly EVER hear about anyone who loathes/fears traveling like I do. Ugh. For decades, we used to have to make car trips from Illinois to Fla then back. Thru the stupid mountains, where all the semi's go about a trillion mph, thru Atlanta & other metro areas. I usually closed my eyes and prayed a lot - for real lol. And you couldn't have PAID me to freakin' drive, I didn't have the iron nerves to do so [am such a wussie].

Hugs & Sympathy :)

Rhianna said...

*big hugs back*

It's one of those trips we make every few years so you'd think I'd get used to it and be fine. lol Nooooo.

I wish I could sleep through part of it but then I get scared my husband will fall asleep at the wheel. It's so silly and irrational but I do. If I could get a valium to take for the drive I would. Anything to take the edge off.

It's always worse when we get there too because then I know I HAVE to go back. I'd almost rather fly but anymore flying is even MORE hassle and crap to deal with.

I honestly enjoy going places and trying new things and adventure. If I could just poof myself places I would be the perfect travel buddy for someone. :D Ah well.

I'm doing as well as one can. Sometimes family stuff (my parents are most of my problem right now) can feel unfixable. Unlike toxic friendships you can end, there's no trading your parents for new ones. :P

Thanks for the sympathy and support M.A.D., especially for even commenting! It made my day brighter by far. :)


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