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Weekend Reading [04/13-04/15] :: Reading ADD and RT Sad

I wanted it to be the weekend. Now it's here and DO NOT WANT! So behind on everything. Literally every darned thing. Reviews. Laundry. Paperwork. Reading. The only thing I've managed to do this week is buy shoes. I've bought more shoes in the past week than I've bought in the past three years. I hate shoes. But I neeeeeed a pair for the wedding we're going to next month and it's been years since I walked in heels. Did I mention I got addicted to a game on my iPad called DrawSomething? ZOMG it's crack for people who are good at drawing stick figures to articulate their extravagent vocab. hehe!

All the authors seem to be away at RT this weekend. I have to admit I'd love to go but WAY out of my budget. Who would you love to meet up with if you—like me—didn't get to go?

I'm in a bit of a... yeah... we'll just call it what it is... book ADD rut. If it's new and shiny I want to read it and if I started it yesterday I don't want to read it anymore. *facepalm* I suck. I did speed my way through the House of Night: Legacy graphic novel the other night hoping breaking up my reading would help. Still not out of the rut. I could have sworn Chosen Ones was supposed to come out this week so I was speeding through it and then checked the link and found it's June. Damn. So I'm frustrated and can't seem to fight this plague of book semi-boredom (not the books just having a tough time staying interested period) right now. Anyone else been experiencing that at all? I've begun to wonder if it's just a phase or if the massive availability of new books I'm wanting is making it happen. Did that make any sense? lol

Well anyways, let me know what y'all are reading. I'm gonna go play me some SWTOR and then read a little before hopefully getting a really gooood night's sleep for a change. *fingers crossed* -- Rhi

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