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Weekend Reading [03/30-04/01] :: OMG go away week!

You ever have one of those weeks that there are no proper words for? It was one of those. I got hurt emotionally and it's been eating away at me all week making me crazy. Makes it hard not to let it bleed into other parts of my life too. There's nothing like crying while cleaning the toilet or being incapable of enjoying a good episode of a TV show because your mind can't stop picking at the splinter in your heart.

On the good side I finished Blood on the Bayou last night and it was super good. Better than the first book. Now it's just a matter of praying the publisher doesn't can the series. Which means you guys have to buy it and make your friends buy it and buy it for other friends and... you get the idea. I need this series to keep going. It's not every day I connect with a character this much, I can only name a couple of others.

This weekend I'm hoping to make some progress on the handful I have going. Most likely will get PACK & COVEN finished. It's really different and I'm kinda liking the ways it's different. I'm finding WANTED: UNDEAD OR ALIVE to be dreadful. I can only read a few pages before I have to put it down. I think I can safely scratch Kerrelyn Sparks and Lynsay Sands off my read list. They're just not the kind of humorous vampire romance that works for me. I can see why they're well loved by others though. I hate when that happens too because I feel like I'm the only one who just doesn't 'get' them.

Not sure how much reading will really get done all things considered. I have a mani/pedi tomorrow and with everything I'm dealing with I have been forcing myself to do spring cleaning type chores just to keep busy. I finally chucked a bunch of nearly empty lotions and junk from the bathroom. It was so hard to do it—cause I felt wasteful!—but it feels so good having a cleaned out cupboard. Looking a lot less like an episode of Hoarders in there. :P lol Now if only my room didn't look like an episode of Hoarders: Special Book Blogger's Edition. ;) ;) Would any of you be interested in a box of gently (and maybe a few not-so-gently) used books as a giveaway prize? Let me know and maybe I can spring clean my book shelves a little, send some of these babies to loving homes. TTFN! -- Rhi


June M. said...

So sorry you have had a sucky week. I hate weeks like that. And I am sorry that you don't like Lynsay Sands & Kerrelyn Sparks. I personally love them but not everyone does. I guess if everyone had the same taste in books, we would only need one, right? :)
I think gently (and even not so gently but still in good readable shape) used books are fine for giveaways. That is a great way to pass them on for other people's enjoyment.

M.A.D. said...

Hugs & hoping the emotional wound heals quickly. And remember, any resultant *scar* only serves as a testament to your personal growth.

Also, gently used and well-loved books are always a joy to receive :)

Rhianna said...

Thanks for answering about the used books guys! I've seen other bloggers give them away and I'm totally okay with used books personally but I'd hate to turn my readership off.

I tend to pick up like-new UF & PNR books in the Goodwill all the time but sometimes I forget I already have it and have a big box of 'doubles' I would love to pass on at some point.

I definitely had a bad week last week. Sometimes when you're going through something it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what is causing it and talk it out with the other party. I definitely didn't handle mine well and it kept getting worse and worse until I exploded. But that gave me the time and perspective to realize the thing I thought was the problem wasn't what was bothering me. It was something simpler and yet more complicated. I wrote my feelings down and talked to the person in question which lead to them finally understanding the real source of my tension and we were able to talk it out. Always a good thing and you're so right!

It didn't kill me or the relationship, it showed where our bond was lacking and we've been shoring that up. I don't believe in real HEA endings but if both people can stick it out when things get tough and try to communicate as best they can you can have the closest thing to a real HEA you're gonna get. ;)


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