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Weekend Reading [03/23-03/26] :: Book ADD & Some R&R

Yeah, that's pretty much how my week's been... just like this guy... everytime I'm like 'ooh yay' something gets in the way and takes away my happy. Which is weak sauce since it's actually been a good week. I told my grandma it's like ants... they're tiny but get enough of them together they can move mountains. Enough with the rotten little things pissing on my happy!

With Lucky-in-Love Week over I'm getting back to work on my review pile. It was fun wasn't it? If you didn't win a prize don't worry. I'll have many more giveaways coming up soon. Thanks again to Laura Kaye, Lisa Kessler, Cheryl Brooks, Brooke Moss, Moira Rogers, P.T. Michelle, and Meljean Brook for being here, sharing their endearing and sometimes funny stories and having goodies for the readers here.

This weekend I'm bouncing between books a bit. With ROMEO REDEEMED not being released for a long time I kind of don't want to finish it so soon but it's nice getting back to the story. Meanwhile, I picked up PACK & COVEN before I had started some of these others and it's not holding my interest though I'm liking something about it at the same time. Mostly, I'm trying to get UNHOLY GHOSTS moved along. With the latest in the series being released next week and being part of the hop I've gotta at least know what all the hype is about. ;)

It's bound to be a quiet weekend other than reading and hopefully playing a little SWTOR to destress. Maybe I'll catch up on Spartacus and give myself a mani/pedi if time permits too. ;) Wanted to go see The Hunger Games but our sitter is heading to a concert tonight. The review I read said it was very mild, lacking the violence and darkness that makes the book good. What are you guys reading this weekend? Got any special plans? Seeing THG movie? Whatever you've got planned have a great one! -- Rhi

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