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Lucky in Love with Rhianna/RhiReading [+ GIVEAWAY!]

My dearest readers,

One of the toughest parts about putting together a themed multi-author event is that authors need time to write. I never even heard back from some of the authors I approached and others had to decline because of deadlines. Would I ever whine about that? Heck no! As I told them 'I'd rather have you writing books for me to read than writing a guestpost for my blog!'. I hope you all agree with me there. ;)

But being the awesome gal she is, Meljean Brook offered to let me do a BIG paperback giveaway for her Iron Seas series! So essentially she's sponsoring my chance to tell you my own Lucky-in-Love story. Thanks Meljean!

And they lived geek-ily ever after...

I don't really remember what it was like to be cool. I have a vague impression that from kindergarten until I moved to another school between 3rd and 4th grade I was one of the popular kids. In lots of plays, gifted learning classes, invited to lots of birthday parties, had tons of friends in my large Girl Scout troop, and was never without a 'boyfriend'. I even had two at the same time in 3rd grade. Oh, yeah... I wasn't just cool, I was a tramp. lol

But when we moved that first time everything in my life changed, not just the city or the house. In the 4th grade I learned what it was like to be essentially mother-less and about as outcast as one could get. I didn't have the Esprit outfits, New Kids on the Block lunchboxes, soccer trophies, and pet rabbits that made the popular girls cool. My obsession with dance and making jewelry, riding my first bike and reading books were very uncool. They didn't so much pick on me as ignore me other than the occasional sneers at my uncombed hair and the cold lunches I had to make for myself.

Moving every year—sometimes twice a year—from then on until high school didn't help me find much acceptance. It's never been easy to be me, my life story reads like a Greek tragedy, but the one thing I've done alright maintaining is a thin thread of self acceptance. I may not have always let my freak geek flag fly high but I never took it off the flagpole either. Because if there's one thing I had learned from all the moves was that while I'd always have to say good-bye to my friends... I could never say good-bye to myself. If people didn't like my collection of action figures, fascination with the English language, passion for vintage clothes, or love of just sitting in my room playing video games then to hell with them. Why would I want people in my life who wouldn't let me be me?

Even still, finding a guy to love me kind of became an obsession from about 8th grade on. Looking back I know a lot of it was 'daddy issues' and a desperate desire to be 'rescued' from an unhappy childhood. I never crushed on attainable guys and the guys who expressed any interest in me never did so at a time when I was available for whatever reason. How is it once you're off the market you suddenly get lots of male attention you never had before? lol

I have never believed in soul mates and believe it even less so now. Jaded? Maybe a little... seeing every single man in your family cheat on their wife will do that. No, I believe that real love, lasting love, is all about the evolution of two people sharing a life together for better and worse. If you're not happy and healthy as individuals you'll never be truly happy as partners.

When I met Adam we were both in difficult situations of our own and in some way I believe we found refuge in one another. I never would have expected him to be attracted to me, let alone ask me out. We went out and saw Blade after working a very long day of retail on Black Friday and shared post-movie snacks at a nearby restaurant. Our childhoods only had one thing in common... a lot of moving. But we both liked hockey, were Star Wars geeks, and wanted to attend the Art Institute of Seattle.

I loved him immediately and passionately. He brought me a rose and an action figure within that first week after our date! Thirteen years later he still buys me action figures, and sometimes roses too. We play video games together and obsess over Halloween costumes. Neither of us ever made it to art school and we fight about stupid things. But at the end of the day even when we're broke or stressed about our kids' grades, dealing with the latest thing to break in our house or worrying how we're going to juggle all our errands I welcome every bit of it. No matter what hellacious things life has thrown (or will throw) at us we make it through. Even if he doesn't always understand my obsessions and vice versa we're happy to let one another be ourselves and even though we don't always 'get it' we support one another's passions. We're also really good at pulling each other into new ones. ;)

They say that the perfect person for you will love you 'warts and all'. But if there's one thing Adam has taught me about being truly lucky in love, it's that the right person will love you for your warts and wouldn't ever want you to stop being you.

May luck and love find you! Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody!

And if you're really lucky and your husband gives you shit about being Irish for thirteen years and thanks to Ancestry.com finds out he's just as Irish as you are... harass the hell out of him the way I'm going to be teasing my rotten husband all day!

Now step right up and enter this GREAT giveaway from Meljean Brook!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Montage said...

Aw, so sweet! It's great to see other couples live "geekily ever after"! =)

Rhianna said...

:) Ain't it the best way?

DrCarrieT said...

Who wouldn't love a guy who buys you action figures?
Tell me you're Big Bang Theory fans, too!

alainala said...

i gotta say i laughed at the irish fight at the end.. give him heck for that one!! i think thats hilarious!.. i just celebrated 1 year with my bf... started as an online relationship about 5 years ago!!! (and i get awesome fantasy clay figurines for special occasions.. lol)

Rhianna said...

@Carrie We are! Well, sort of, we find it easier to watch them as full seasons on DVD where we can just spend an evening LOLing for a few hours. We're those marathon geeks who will rewatch an old Buffy season over the course of a week or spend a Saturday watching all 3 LOTR flicks.

@alainala hehe! I totally was messing with him yesterday about his Irishness. He's pulling the 'just because they were born in Ireland doesn't mean they were Irish' argument. Men. *eye roll*

That's so awesome your online relationship has turned out so well. I know so many couple who haven't worked out and the few who have... it's magical!

Thanks for the comments everyone and good luck on the giveaways! ;)

maddylee said...

It's all about what works for you..every couple is different and I am so glad to see other peoples happily ever after :)

maddylee said...

It's all about what works for you..every couple is different and I am so glad to see other peoples happily ever after :)

DaVinciKittie said...

What a great story! My hubby and I are also geeks - we met playing World of Warcraft! Hah! Sometimes I feel like we speak a completely different language (probably we because we kinda do LOL). Thanks so much for sharing your story with us! <3

Kaetrin said...

Thx for sharing your own HEA!

Rhianna said...

Thanks everyone for dropping in and letting me share our story with ya. I always say if I found love anybody could. lol

Jennifer Haile said...

I thinks it's funny how you thought he'd never be interested, because the guys who are really interested always seem that way. My boyfriend was the same way.

Sharon Stogner said...

awwww! that was a sweet story! My husband gave me the delux Optimus Prime transformer for Valentine's Day! He is more of a academic geek (chemistry. thanks for the give away:)

sienny said...

so sweet.. and yes, i agree that the right person will love you 'warts and all'

Sophia Rose said...

Your story and how you worked through the childhood issues all alone- knowing your own worth and that being true to self is important- show you are one tough cookie and your man's the lucky one and not just because he discovered that he's one of the fortunate to be Irish. :D
Raz him good!


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