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Lucky-in-Love with Brooke Moss [+GIVEAWAY!]

My Luck In Love

By Brooke Moss

Alright…here’s the deal: in the love department, “luck” hasn’t exactly been on my side.

It’s partly my fault. When I was in my late teens, early twenties, I was looking for love the same way that a person stranded in the desert seeks an water. They scrounge through the sand, clawing at the ground as they drag themselves towards oasis mirages. Or, in my case, crappy men.

I’m not sure why I was so desperate for love. I’m sure that Dr. Phil would say that I was still feeling the ramifications of my parent’s divorce; or that I was a victim of being raised in a loveless environment during my formative years, etc, etc, etc. I could be analyzed to death…but the bottom line is: I sought love in all the worst places.

I met one of my boyfriends in a Denny’s, while I was chain smoking and discussing the suicide of Kurt Cobaine (Back off, it was the early 90’s). I met another while cruising in Seaside, Oregon. Yes, I said cruising. He drove a low-rider truck. And yes…I’m covering my face in shame right now. I also met one while he was pumping my gas at an Oregon fuel station. No, that’s not a metaphor for something lovely and delicious. He really was putting gas into my car when he asked for my number. And despite the fact that he had a parole tracking device on his ankle…I obliged. And when he and I broke up, I dated his friend, who didn’t hold a job because he was waiting for his “music career” to take off. Though…I’m pretty sure the fact that he owed thousands in back child support had more to do with his unemployment than his music. I’m just sayin’…

You see? I told you my taste was somewhat muddled.

It wasn’t until I was around twenty seven, and a divorced single mom to two small children, that I finally had my stroke of luck in love. I’d gotten married young. Twenty-one. Which, for some, works out just fine. For me? Not so much. I wound up being married to a drug and alcohol abuser who had high aspirations to never really do much in life. After leaving my marriage and committing to raising my children by myself, I’d decided that love simply wasn’t in the cards for me. It didn’t make me sad. I didn’t care. I had my children. I had my health. We were safe and healthy and happy, and no man was going to make me or break me (again).

And then I was asked, “Would you ever consider a blind date?”

Oh, Lordy. A blind date? The last time I’d been on a blind date, I’d wound up skinny-dipping in the pacific ocean in the middle of March (long story—don’t ask). I’d rolled my eyes and groaned. Blind dates weren’t my thing. Besides, what my friend was telling me about this particular man didn’t sound all that appealing. He worked in pharmaceutical’s, and had a subscription to Micro-Biology Magazine. (Yes, they really have that magazine. I know because I renew the subscription every year.)

I tended to go for the more rogue types. You know, the auto mechanics with a record, and the struggling poets and musicians who also had temper issues. Not nerdy science geeks with rimless glasses and thinning hair! Come on…

But, by some miracle, I agreed to go. And by some BIGGER miracle, I had a wonderful time. And by some even BIGGER miracle, we went on a second date. And by halfway through that date, I knew that I was sitting in a movie theater with the man who would someday become my husband and the father to my children. I know, I know, it sounds over the top, and overly romanticized. But it’s the truth! I knew, as we sat there, watching “Hitch”, that this nerd was going to be the best thing that ever happened to me. With his funny little glasses, and his fondness for old Buster Keaton movies, and hid obsession with all things scientific…he was the nerd of my dreams.

Nine months later, we were engaged. And by the time we celebrated the anniversary of our first date, we were married and pregnant with our first child together. My older children call him “dad”, and now we have four children total. We live in a small house with not nearly enough bathrooms, and every Friday night we watch a movie and play board games all together. We’re like a modern version of The Brady Bunch, minus Alice the housekeeper (I WISH). And I am completely, utterly in love with my nerd and our life together.

We’re going on seven years of marriage, and every single day is better than the last. Sure, he’s a little bit Mr. Magoo, and I’m a little bit Steven Tyler. He’s all about following directions and coloring inside of the lines, and I’m all about loud music and telling jokes that make people cringe with mortification. But we’re each one half of a whole, and together we make one perfect person. I wouldn’t trade my nerd for all of the tea in China.

Sometimes you have to sift through a lot of bad luck in love, before you find your good luck. I never thought that true happiness was a possibility for me. I was under the impression that I’d screwed up to much, and made entirely too many bad choices in the past. I’d blown my chance at love, and was destined to a life without it. Little did I know that there was a funny little man with an extensive plaid-shirt collection just waiting for me and my children to fill the empty space in his heart.

As an author of romantic women’s fiction, I like to focus on telling the stories of typical people like me, and how they came to find love. In my debut novel, The What If Guy, Autumn Cole, much like me, thought that romance wasn’t a possibility for a single mother like her. Little did she know that it wasn’t just a possibility, it was her destiny! And in my upcoming release, The Carny, Charlotte Davenport discovers that she, too, can have love, but not until she learns to speak up for herself, and defend what is right. No matter what her family says, or how she is expected to behave.

Everyone can be lucky in love. They just have to be willing to accept it, even when it doesn’t resemble what they’d pictured for themselves, or how they’d imagined it happening. Sometimes luck in love comes in the strangest of forms…

For instance, a nerdy guy with a subscription to Micro-Biology Magazine.

Find me elsewhere on the web, at my website, blog, Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook.

Get your copy of The What if Guy at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Diesel | Books On Board | Powell's | BAM

Stay tuned for The Carny, coming out from InkSpell publishing in July!

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LorettaLynn//Temprance said...

Thank you for the giveaway:) This sounds like a really great read. I can't wait to read it! thank you for sharing:):)

Gina Lamm said...

Entering the contest and wishing you the best of success with WHAT IF GUY!

gina (at) ginalamm . net

Gina Lamm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Ive had this on my tbr pile since it was released and I cant wait to read it !! Love the sound of it ! thanks for the giveaway and making it international ;)

kat !


Darlene said...

Love can happen to anyone at any time, regardless of whether you are looking for it! I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and why shouldn't Autumn get her happily ever after?

Enjoyed your guest post! And thanks for the giveaway!

bas1chs said...

I am so adding this book to my TBR list! Thanks for the giveaway :-)

Unknown said...

The What If Guy sounds like a fantastic read and is definitely getting added to my TBR list!!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com

MsChris1161 said...

This book sounds great. I mean who doesn't have at least one What If Guy, right?

MsChris1161 said...

This book sounds great. I mean who doesn't have at least one What If Guy, right?


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