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Weekend Reading [02/24-02/26] :: The 3 R's

[insert lots of coughing, sneezing, and general gross sickness related noise here]

It is the curse of motherhood. A sick child. It never fails. If my son gets sick it's like flipping a coin. Either everyone else gets it or no one gets it. This time everyone but the hubs has it. Last week I was on a roll with my reading and reviewing, feeling so accomplished. Then Friday I had volunteering and a social thing. By the time I got to bed it was early Saturday morning and when I woke up later in the morning I was down with the fever, sore throat, and cough. On my spa-date with my MIL no less!

I've been down miserably sick since and having to take care of the tot and everyday life—we even post-poned the hubs' birthday celebration 'cause I was too sick to do anything—and just haven't had any energy. I'm feeling a bit less fatigued today (Thursday) so hopefully I'll be getting RL stuff aught up. You should see my house... no wait... it's good you can't see my house! ;) I've been keeping up the laundry and dishes but the floors are in a bad way and the bathrooms are looking hairy. Funny how when you read fiction the heroines somehow never seem to have to deal with cleaning the hero's whiskers out of the bathroom sink or sweeping up all the mud he tracks in when he's been out werewolfing in the woods. We had a hellacious rain-hail-blizzard yesterday... it was literally sunny and then did those three things in order within an hour. Then hailed again at about 11:30 PM.

Of course, the tot now has the sickies. She's never actually been sick before. A touch of runny nose last month but she's always sooo healthy. I feel so bad for her, she says 'Mom-muh, I sick.' but she's such a cheerful thing you'd never know it save for when she's coughing or the pluggy nose talk comes through. I'm guessing next week the hubs will have it. We spent most of yesterday snuggling on the couch while she watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (thank goodness Amazon had a $6 off sale on the DVDs and I have Prime shipping) and I read Summoning the Night. Which is a MUST READ if you aren't already in the loop. Seriously, it rocked my socks. I can't wait to see where the next book takes us!

Well, on that note dear readers I've got to get the tot to eat something and get back to the three R's: rest, rest, and reading. Just wanted to put something up early for the weekend since I've been mysteriously absent for days. You did notice I wasn't around right? :P Here's hoping this wretched illness (which everyone in this town is getting I've been told) doesn't come your way and you've got a great book or two to slaver over this weekend. Hopefully we'll all be well and I can get back to proper posting next week. TTFN! -- Rhi

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