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Weekend Reading [02/10-02/12] :: Killer TBR Piles & The Usual Randomness

Last week I talked a bit about fears/phobias and was surprised to find I wasn't alone. Not that I'm glad we experience these things but it's comforting knowing there're some lovely folks who understand my struggle.

This week I'm just miserable with something I caught from who-knows-where. My eyes hurt. My throat hurts. My skin is crawling. It's almost like I have a touch of the flu but I actually had a flu shot so I shouldn't have caught it. :( I've been falling asleep much earlier than I normally do even though I never get to sleep as early as I should.

This weekend I am all about getting some grocery shopping done. It's amazing what you'll force your family to eat when you have nothing that goes together and you're trying to stretch what you've got until payday. If I can get to feeling well I've got to work on the taxes. It's a rotten bit of work I dread every year but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I'm making some progress on my TBR for review pile but then BAM! I started putting together an event and found out about some exciting upcoming titles I've been offered review copies of. How could I ever say no? It's a good feeling to have an author trust in your ability to give a fair and honest review.

Anywho, next month from March 11th through the 17th I'm hosting Lucky-in-Love Week. I'm very excited since it'll be the first time I've put together something like this and it's a step toward the October event I hope I'll be able to put together. If I can handle one week, hopefully I can handle something bigger later in the year. Make sure you mark your calendars because I have already confirmed authors for four of the seven days and there will be GIVEAWAYS!

This weekend I'm starting The Hunt which I was really psyched to have landed an ARC of thanks to Amazon Vine. Did I mention Vine is why my TBR pile is in such dire straights right now? They upped our % of reviews that have to be completed so some of these older books that I lost interest in now HAVE to get reviewed. Ah well. I may also start another adult title or romance. I'm in the mood for some steamy romance with Valentine's Day right around the corner but alas most of my Vine TBR is YA. Wish me luck whittling it down and figuring it out.

What kind of books have you been in the mood for lately? Seen any exciting upcoming titles you can't wait to get your hands on? Want to Be My UNDEAD Valentine? Have I mentioned I have the awesomest followers? ♥♥♥ -- Rhi

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