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It's Monday, Get Your TV On! [02/06-02/12]

It's a packed week on TV guys. I've got to do some baking or something so I have snacks for my TV time. ;) I'm actually a big sucker for popcorn but it's sooo messy I hate making it and microwave popcorn is just gross. What's your fave TV time snack?

The big news this week: TWD is baaaack and ready to nom your flesh again! *happy dance*

Check my notes for each show for more thoughts on last week's epis and more...

So go ahead and check out this week's schedule, watch the previews, and discuss last week's episodes. You know you need someone to dish to and I do too!

Please be aware that if you're behind there may be unmarked SPOILERS in the comments.


(all synopsises courtesy of TVguide.com or the show's site)
"(I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons"
Season 2, Episode 4
Sally meets a kindred spirit; Josh runs with a new pack of wolves; Aidan is sucked back into his old life.

Notes: This show continues to be both hilarious and endearing. Sally is finally growing on me. The one thing that just keeps stumping me is why the can't seem to cast actresses who don't look 10 years older than Huntington and Witwer when they should look about the same age.

"Faetal Attraction"
Season 1, Episode 4
Bo protects a human woman after a fury tries to hire Bo to kill her husband's mistress.
Notes: I still haven't had time to catch up on this. Maybe Tuesday night. How are you guys liking it?

"The Blue Butterfly"
Season 4, Episode 14
Castle and Beckett revisit a private eye's 1947 homicide after realizing it's connected to a present-day murder they're investigating.

Notes: Was so bummed when this didn't show last week. Looks like it should be really fun.

"The Naked Truth"
Season 2, Episode 19
The girls' school holds a truth-themed event, during which Aria questions Holden and Spencer tries to uncover the connection between Jason and her father. Meanwhile, an unexpected ally aids Emily in her quest to get reinstated on the swim team.

Notes:  So wow. They went there. Mean! Why is Maya being such a snot? Ugh. Looking forward to the big reveal about Holden. I have my theory but I can't see the show doing that.

"Reservation for Two"
Season 1, Episode 16
Ethan returns to the reservation where he grew up in order to hide from the law, and tension mounts when he reunites with his dad. Meanwhile, Emma pretends she witnessed something she didn't really see.

Notes: I've pretty much given up on this. I can't figure out what it is I don't like about it but I get bored everytime I try and watch an episode. Maybe a DVD marathon would be better. I thought *SPOILER ALERT* Sutton is dead when the book begins?

Season 1, Episode 14
Conrad's father (William Devane) visits the Hamptons, and Victoria manages to use him as a pawn against Conrad. Meanwhile, Jack realizes he can't sit on the sidelines; and Charlotte and Emily find themselves unprepared for the surprises they face.

Notes: I need to catch up on this. Read a cute interview with the stars recently. Just need the time to play catch-up.

"Dangerous Liaisons"
Season 3, Episode 14
Elena attends a formal ball at Klaus' newly renovated mansion and learns of a horrifying plan that could lead to numerous deaths.

Notes: Hubs is finally finished with S2 thanks to his illness last week. Now if we get caught up with S3 up to this point...

Season 1, Episode 14
Faye and Melissa throw a slumber party on Valentine's Day and things get wild when Diana is given a mood-altering potion. Meanwhile, Cassie is haunted by the spirits of some vengeful witches.

Notes: I'm waiting for the DVD on this one. Anyone here love this show? Why? I'm curious how it compares to TVD.

"The Greater Good"
Season 2, Episode 3
After learning of Naevia's fate, Spartacus must deal with a rift among the gladiators; Lucretia divulges a long-kept secret in order to strengthen her position; and the rebels find themselves at risk after an attack.

Notes: Ahhh, bad-ass half-naked (and sometimes totally naked) heroes swinging blades. I love Fridays. lol Can't help but miss Andy Whitfield, natch, but am really impressed with Liam McIntyre. He's not trying to be Andy and in his own way he's owning the role. I will admit to being highly disctrated by Agron though. ;)

"Skin Deep"
Season 1, Episode 12
Emma keeps tabs on Mr. Gold in case he turns vigilante after his house is robbed; and Mary Margaret, Ruby and Ashley plan a girls' night out for Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, in fairy-tale land, Belle sacrifices her freedom to save her town from becoming collateral damage in the Ogre War.

Notes: Finally we get to Belle! Dreading where this might go though. It's one of my favorites from childhood so I'd hate to see it trampled.

Season 2, Episode 8
In the aftermath of a horrific discovery, Rick must restore order. Meanwhile, Hershel falls back into a bad habit and disappears, leaving Glenn and Rick to track him down in town.

Notes: Now time for more flesh ripping fun with the Walkers. Pun intended. I have a bad feeling Shane won't be making it to another season though. Just when he was starting to get fun I realized his crazy might mean he has to die. Boo!

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