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Cover Share: Lots of randomness to be enjoyed...

As you've probably guess by now, I'm no good at being that first person posting a new cover. Mostly I think it's because I'm not big on beefcake. :P I don't mind it... I just don't actively seek it out. So someone always gets to those first. Then there's the YA bloggers. ZOMG they're fast. I'll find a cover thinking it's new and find out it's made the rounds six weeks ago.

But heck with it. I was 'shopping' for upcoming releases and came across some new-to-me cover pretties I wanted to share. So I'm doing it. So there. Nanny-nanny-booboo!

So what do ya think? It's not that big of a collection, I know. But it's exciting seeing the art for upcoming books isn't it? Any favorites in this bunch? I'm loving the large amount of green I'm seeing. It's my fave color so I'm digging the riot of green covers. :)

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