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Be My UNDEAD Valentine Giveaway! [Ends 02/13]

Next to Halloween, Valentine's Day it's my favorite holiday. I've never understood the bitterness people have for the holiday. Maybe since I've never thought of it as an exclusively romantic-love holiday?

In elementary school I obsessed over carefully writing each classmate's name, which version of the cards I was giving they should get, and hand selected which conversation heart was going into each little envelope. If you were my crush or my 'boyfriend' you were going to end up with about five of the KISS ME ones while everyone else was getting only three and none that said KISS ME. Is it seriously messed up that I'm thinking back on elementary school and realizing I had 2 boyfriends at the same time in the third grade? Ooooh I was such a bad girl... weirder yet... they were best friends and I don't remember them caring that they were both my boyfriends. Of course once I moved away the following year it all went downhill and I never had the same fun with it but I've ever remained an optimist when it comes to the big hearts day routine.

This year the hubs let me buy my own Valentine's Day gift. As much as I loved the surprise bouquet of—ZOMG-too-expensive—flowers last year I had something kind of specific in mind this year. Something that will last longer anyway. So I get to surprise him with his gift AND mine. He has no idea what 'he got me' other than that it's jewelry.

But all of this got me thinking about something else from last Valentine's Day... getting to be a beta reader for the short story VALENTINE'S DAY OF THE UNDEAD. I was super excited to see what fellow Megan Berry fans would think. This year I decided to ask my readers to be my Valentines and giveaway 2 copies!

As of today you can get the first book in the series in bargain paperback for about the same price as a latte. It's one of my favorite of favorite YA books. So if you haven't read it yet I highly suggest you buy it before entering the giveaway because VALENTINE'S DAY OF THE UNDEAD really does need to follow it's two predecessors. In fact... I'll give you EXTRA ENTRIES for buying the first two books using the links here:

The rafflecopter form has the details ...and if you can't figure out how to send your receipt without your address showing... don't worry I'm not going to save or use your info. I'll delete it as soon as I confirm your purchase for the extra entries.

You can earn even more extra entries if you purchase or pre-order another Stacey Jay title during the giveaway period using these links:

Romeo Redeemed (Pre-Order)
Blood on the Bayou (Pre-Order)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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