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Weekend Reading [01/20-01/22] :: Keep Calm and Fangirl On

I hate admitting this but I get sickly obsessed with things. I am a fangirl of the worst kind. The kind who has spent an entire tax return on action figures. The kind who has stalked stores at midnight for collector's edition DVD sets. The kind that gets suckered into paying exhorbitant amounts of money for that one coveted item that no one can find.

Star Wars. Lord of the Rings. World of Warcraft. LOST. Monster High. I own enough 'toys' to open a museum. It doesn't help that I married a fellow collector. We're no help curbing one another's addictions to our latest obsession. We've been through it with our kids too. Bakugan. Yugioh. Pokemon. Halo. Bella Sara. The big kids are fading out of it just as the wee one's distinct loves—thank goodness she loves Hello Kitty as much as I do—are starting.

But there are other types of fangirling. Obsessing over the latest episode of a TV series. Getting itchy with excitement for a long awaited—and probably bad—sequel to a favorite film franchise. Squeeing everytime your fave nail polish brand announces new colors. Or more to the point of all this... melting into a puddle of goo over the announcement of a spin-off series, cover reveal, or teaser chapter from a favorite author.

Now, while I might own a Hello Kitty hairbrush, a True Blood makeup set, a Monster High purse, pewter Lord of the Rings wine goblets, and enough Star Wars Christmas ornaments for a single tree I get just as excited about books. Maybe more so.

So, what gets your fangirl blood boiling? Do you have a hard drive full of fanfic? A guestroom devoted to your Star Trek memorabilia? A closet filled with anime cosplay stuff? Spent more than a month's rent on shoes? Let your geek flag fly a little. ;)

This weekend I'm grabbing a couple more titles from my review reading pile. Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi and Chain Reaction by Zoe Archer, was feeling the need for more Scifi flavor in my book diet. Did you know Zoe's husband, Nico Rosso, also writes romance? How cool is that? I have one of his romances hopefully up next weekend.

On that note lovelies I am off to try and write more on the reviews waiting and get a post up for my other blog. I'd hoped to get out and feed my Underworld fangirl but I dunno if our budget is really there for it right now. (Damn my Jewelmint addiction!) Have an awesome weekend and let me know what you're reading eh? -- Rhi

1 comment:

Reading Between the Wines Book Club said...

We have some free movie passes so we might go see Underworld this weekend, provided we can get a sitter. I love Kate B. but I'm thinking this one might be a better rent then theater watch. We shall see.

I love your Hello Kitty stuff! I just bought a ton of Hello Kitty goodies for my daughter at Christmas time. There's a store at Epcot (when I travel my way around the world) that has a big section for her with a ton of cool items.

And I will admit, I still have my Spider Man Marvel trading card collection and comic books from when I was 15. I peek through them every now and then. LoL

Have a good weekend luv, TTYS!


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