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Weekend Reading [01/13-01/15] :: Why I like heroines with big issues...

I was debating whether to address the whole Friday the 13th thing, especially since I think it falls again in April and July. Talk about weird eh? But instead I was sorting through recent videos and photos to share with family and friends and saw a cluster of pics I took for review projects and the above one kinda made me smile. No, it's definitely not a flattering shot. It was taken in the mirror on my antique vanity to show the necklace and what I paired it with outfit wise but there's something about it. I guess 'cause I'm smiling at myself as I'm viewing the shot and it looks natural.

I think we all struggle with how we feel about ourselves. Being confident does not come to me naturally. Low self-esteem lived in me most of my life and still tries to hook it's claws into me daily. The difference these days is that I'm learning how to fight it. I may never look at myself and see beauty or view work I've done and feel boundless pride but it's okay to be content with it, to find a level of comfort in who I am and what I want to do with the life I have. I damn sure want people to like me but does whether I like me or not need to depend on them?

I think that's one reason I love a good kickass heroine with some issues. My three favorites last year were Annabelle Lee from Dead on the Delta with her drinking problem, Cady from Kindling the Moon with her naivety, and Abby Sinclair from A Brush of Darkness struggling with how a car accident changed her life. All three of them have an issue that on some level resonated with me. Sometimes when I just want to crawl inside myself and hibernate, it helps to sit down and read a heroine getting through her own issues or something worse. Do any of you experience that?

This weekend I'm trying to get through Unearthly which is alright but not really wowing me. I finished so many books this week. Well, it felt like so many. Three is a lot for me. Then it's time to start up the ARC of Hallowed of course. I was also one of the fortunate readers who got an ARC of Hunter's Prey (Bloodhounds #2) by Moira Rogers so I'm going to alternately dig into it too. So it should be a really good weekend of reading. What are you working on right now?

On that note dear readers I have to fly. Everyone here is fighting the edge of a cold. I have such a messy house but no energy to work on it. Better just rest and read, the dishes can wait right? ;) -- Rhi

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