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Weekend Reading [01/06-01/08] :: Getting Bejeweled & Out-of-This-World Reading

Goooood morning everybody! I'm feeling just slightly more energized today than I have all week. I shouldn't be looking forward to the weekend considering it means the kid will be home from school but I have a spa date! How can I not get all excited when I'm scheduled for 2 hours of being beautified? It feels like it's been forEVER since our last appointment. Now if only I could just get my hair to grow out again. My regular stylist wasn't available for one of my scheduled appointments over the summer and they didn't tell me until I was there. I liked the other girl but she cut my hair too short and now it refuses to grow below my shoulders enough to satisfy me.

So how are y'all recovering from the holidays? Are you broke and hungover still? lol Already given up on those resolutions? I don't really make resolutions myself. I set a few realistic goals to work on like an unfinished project or adding a healthy habit. One of my goals last year was to begin making our home more eco-friendly in small ways. I began switching to greener laundry and cleaning products, using fewer paper towels, and I no longer leave a light on in the kitchen at night like I always did.

This year my goals are more abstract and one I didn't mention on my other blog is that I've decided not only to nix my pajamas-all-day habit but I'm investing more of my spending cash into becoming more polished. Jewelry, make-up, wardrobe, things that make me look (and thus feel) better. After years of being a SAHM and having an attitude that how I look doesn't really matter I realized that it really does. It matters to me. I want to feel confident and pretty when I need to snap a photo or make a video for a review or when I present myself in public. I don't want my kids to think their mom is a lazy slob incapable of proper dress. I've already picked up a few pieces of jewelry from Jewelmint—yes that's Eric from True Blood's girlfriend's jewelry line—and started doing the Influenster thing to find new products. I'm also starting to make a list of classic wardrobe items I want to invest in so I'll have some lasting style.

Now when I'm out at the bookstore and I start babbling to strangers about books I hopefully won't look as young as people often mistake me to be. I'll begin looking more my age and with some professional polish. Okay, I doubt it but I'm going to try. lol

As far as reading goals... or blogging goals... I'm not really sure what I want to achieve this year yet to be truthful. The only thing I know I really desperately want to do is crush my TBR pile's face in. I have so many books in it I haven't even cataloged them all onto Goodreads yet. They're in boxes and triple stacked on a shelf... in piles in front of the bookshelf. Covering the entire surface of my desk. Yeah, they need to get tamed.

So I nixed the monthly themes for now. Decided to crush the books for review pile first and then try to tackle the books I've bought or won or whatever. It's probably never going to happen but I have to try. The hubs has a face he makes when I mention buying more books or making a Goodwill stop to check for new releases on their shelves. Seriously, someone here reads all the stuff I do and then drops them off there. I got Magic on the Line and Under Attack for 75¢ each a couple days after Christmas.
This weekend I'm working on Unearthly by Cynthia Hand which has so many creepy similarities to my own life I'm not sure what to make of it. Hopefully I'll even have time to read with the spa-date and a party we're invited to Saturday. Wish me luck and don't forget to leave a comment telling me what you're working on! -- Rhi

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