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Review: Shadowlander by Theresa Meyers

Shadowlander (Shadow Sisters #1) by Theresa Meyers
Urban Fantasy, Fae, Novella
Paperback $8.99 (112 pages, ENTANGLED)
Ebook $2.99

Four sisters, three rules to live by, one big problem.
O'Connell Family Rule #1: Don’t let the Fae know you see them.
O'Connell Family Rule #2: Don’t talk to the Fae.
O'Connell Family Rule #3: Never, ever follow them.
Most people only believe what they can see. Gifted with the ability to see the deep, dark fae of Shadowland, Catherine Rowan Mary O’Connell would prefer not to. When the fae abduct her friend Maya, Cate breaks the sacred O’Connell Family Rules and sets a trap for the handsome fae who haunts her every step.
Rook, High Court Advisor to the Shadow King, has been following Cate since she was sixteen. When Cate reveals herself as one of the fabled “Seers”, Rook is stunned---she is one of the few that can permanently open the gates between their worlds. If he turns her over to the Shadow King, his court will rule the human realm.
Cate knows she has precious little time to find Maya. By midnight, the glamour of Mid-Summer’s Eve will fade, leaving her trapped forever in the Shadowland, but Maya’s abductor won’t give up the woman he’s mesmerized easily.
The midnight hour is almost at hand. Cate must choose: her freedom or her destiny.

Author Site: www.theresameyers.com

It just wasn't for me. (3 stars)

Cate's family has had one standing command amongst them since their mother disappeared. Pretend that you don't know the Fae are there. But that's impossible to do when Cate's best friend is kidnapped and taken into the Shadowland. With a miniscule amount of time before the doorway to the Fae world closes trapping them there forever, Cate sets a plan in motion to rescue Maya. But it means revealing her ability to see them to the alluring Fae who has dogged her steps for years.

Rook's position in his world is high but shadowed by the King's wavering favor. Bringing Cate, a "Seer", to the Shadow King will bring that favor to him. But to Rook, Cate is more than just a pawn to be played at the whims of the Shadow King and his desire for her could prove to be their undoing.

I'm embarrassed admitting this but I wrote something similar to this when I was in high school. I think that's why on the one hand I liked it and on the other it felt sort of juvenile. I loved Meyer's writing style, was easily excited by the world-building, and enjoyed the basic set-up for the series but really disliked the characters. They felt a little too... ugh, I feel like a jerk saying this... flawless. The hot love scenes didn't make up for the lack of personality and chemistry I was looking for in Rook and Cate.

As a novella I felt like very little happened and yet a lot did. Too much talking about things and not enough organic flow of the info. It wasn't awful or unenjoyable it just hit a few of my reader-no-likey buttons. I didn't love it, couldn't quite say I liked it with so many things not working for me but I plan to check out the next one anyway. If you like Fae fantasy most of this takes place in their world and there's plenty of steaminess between Cate and Rook, it's worth a read if you didn't write stuff like this for fun when you were fifteen. lol It just kept taking me back to my awful teenaged ideas—need I say misunderstandings—of what romance and love were.

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Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

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