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Off Topic Rhi Go: Cats... and not the LOL kind.

You wil obey me & get a kitty...

I've had a lot of different pets. Rabbits. An eel. A parrot. Frogs. Pigeons. The only thing I can think we've never gotten into are the 'creepy pets' like snakes and tarantulas. The thing is though... the only pets I've ever actually liked are cats. Cats are easy and aside from feeding them and cleaning up their pottybox they pretty much take care of themselves. Just when you need someone to cuddle they'll turn up and do it. The only major cons are shredded furniture and shedding. Since I shed too who am I to complain right?

So my author buddy, Stacey Jay, is trying to convince her hubs that they need a cat. And chickens. While my only experience with chickens has been visiting grandparentals and obsessing over getting to collect the eggs for them 20 years ago I can say I have cat experience. The kind that proves they are an essential part of a happy lifestyle. To prove it I'm posting some very personal pictures which I never share since I dislike my children being shown publicly without my permission and that always happens once they're out there. Anywho... help me make the case for cats if you love them as much as I do by leaving a comment.

My desk circa October 2009 in our awful apartment. Always cluttered and covered in cats. If there was enough of an open space they would fill it. Hearts are kind of like that too. Being a SAHM can get lonely during the day when your only child is school aged and these guys made sure I rarely suffered.

Loki, our Russian Blue/Scottish Fold moonlights as an Obstetrician. He started this annoying tummy laying thing a couple of weeks before I could even take a pregnancy test and continued to do it through the entire pregnancy. When I was sick he would pester me making sure I was okay like he's doing here.

When the baby came along he went through the jealous phase. Everytime I'd get out the camera to take her picture he'd pop up and do his begging for attention. Scottish Folds are known for their love of laying on their backs like this but Loki is the worst! He begs for belly rubs.

In spite of his seeming disdain for our baby he always came to where she would be and sit somewhere teasing her with his presence. I think she was mostly motivated to crawl so she could get him.

Like all cats he loves a good sunpatch but the only room in the house facing south is the baby zone. She's since learned more about what 'gentle' means when loving our kitties but she was squeezing him and leaning on him so roughly here and he put up with it so well.

So well in fact that she pulled out a pincer full of fur and ate it with his look of annoyance and eventually giving up the sunpatch his only real reaction.

He continues to do this even now that she's 2... he'll come stand where she's playing and look mad but deep down he loves her. He even sleeps under her crib sometimes. Because that's a cat for you. Passive-aggressive with their love.

They're also attention whores. I was trying to take a photo of my Halloween cupcakes before we ate them and he would not go away even though they're not allowed on the table. He wanted to be in my Halloween pictures one way or another and I think his presence added some spooky flair over the traditional black cat.

Pardon the makeupless mug. I was getting ready to have surgery and really upset so I was distracting myself taking photos and my sleeping cat was forced into this one. 'Cause he loves me and my hubs so much he sleeps between us every night much to our annoyance. We have no privacy. If we try and lock him out he scratches the carpet outside the door into ribbons. Wait... now that's starting to sound anti-cat. Uhm who doesn't love having a bedwarmer? *facepalm*

Then there's Cloud. Named after the Final Fantasy VII character but called 'Bob' most of the time. When he was a kitten his head was too big for his body like a bobblehead doll so I nicknamed him 'Bobble' and it just kinda stuck. He's a tuxedo cat and my best buddy. His quirks include an obsession with human hair, a love of sinks, a strange habit of sleeping in a 'faceplant' position, an OCD need to cover anything dirty, and a love of sitting on my shoulder like a parrot while I blog... as you can see this above he's now unable to do it since he weighs almost 13 lbs. His one really annoying habit is meowing his head off when he's in our downstairs and gets 'lost'. He plays fetch and likes to be in the bathroom when anyone else goes in there. Cloud is the weirdest cat I've ever had and my hubs constantly complains about his annoyingly brainless nature but he's a great companion who always cracks me up with his antics. He even let the baby decorate his butt with stickers while he was sunning himself.

I have LOADS more photos I could share but it'd require scouring storage discs from the past 6 years and I'm as disorganized now (uhm maybe more) than my desk shows above so I'll call it quits for now.

I prefer cats over any of the other myriad of animals we've had because they're small, cuddly, and have personality quirks that mean I never have a dull moment. They can be independant but extremely loving and loyal. Sure, some are hellions and some don't do well with kids... honestly, Scottish Folds have issues that can make them not the best if your kids are rough (bone issues). Our ADHD child and our cats don't mix well but that's due to her bad behaviors with them and not the cats. Get the right cat and you have a best friend for life.

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