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Conclusion: 2011 Personal Reading Resolutions Challenge

Last year I decided to give myself some goals to work on for the year regarding reading and book blogging. Now it's time to sit down and look at which ones I managed to make progress on and which ones I did not.

1. Instead of setting a counting the number of books I read this year goal, set a page count goal for each month.
-- Dropped the ball a bit with this one and just started using the Goodreads challenge as my barometer for whether I was reading decently or not. I managed to read 90 books for the year which is a lot for me.
2. Discover and read/review/interview six 2011 Debut UF or PNR (NON-YA) Authors.

-- I managed to nab Kevin Hearne, Patricia Eimer, Lisa Kessler for interviews/guestposts but getting debut authors is tough when so many of them are busy. I had fun though.

3. Invite a few fellow book bloggers to be interviewed or guestblog this year.

-- Only one guest has worked out but I also guested elsewhere which was cool!

4. Share a cover art post once a month even if I've seen a dozen other bloggers post the same ones.

-- I know readers love this (duh, I do!) but I found it difficult to keep up. By the time I'd sit down on any given day EVERYONE else has posted any new cover I had found. Kinda takes the wind out of my sails so I just don't feel like making the effort anymore. But I did get to be one of a few bloggers to do a scheduled cover reveal which was really cool.

5. Host one giveaway each month.

-- Even though I really want to save up for a professional blog design I decided doing giveaways was more important. It's weaksauce bribery but it brings in new readers to the blog. *facepalm* I don't think I did one every month but more than once I had a few in the month. My budget is even smaller this year so who knows if 2012 will have many but I'll continue trying to do a giveaway when I can.

6. Join a blog hop or other special blogging event.

-- Took part in a handful of hops, which took me from about 60 members to 500 more. Was also a guest reviewer in another blogger's event AND hosted my own launch celebration for a new publishing house. Was even invited to become a reviewer for a bigger fancier blog.

7. Try a M/M Romance.

-- Okay, I got one. I read a few pages and decided the main character annoyed me. Couldn't keep reading. It'd be the same with a straight romance but I didn't want my first M/M to be problematic thanks to an annoying MC. Think I may put a request out with some very specific desires for help finding one I'll actually like. Yes, I'm still intimidated by the M/M pairing. *sulk*

8. Take part in at least one reading challenge during 2011.

-- Joined one and didn't quite finish it because I had RL and review reading competing with my time for it but I'm enjoying the being challenged part.

9. Read three banned/challenged books in 2011.

-- I read two. But all the twitter drama over Banned Books Week being propaganda kinda tainted the joy of it. Ah well.

10. Save up the money to get a "real design" custom made for the blog.

-- I at least have an idea of what I want done for my logo and a sort of theme to it now but financially this year was horrific for us. Lots of medical bills and unexpected expenses. I'm depressed about the whole thing and have decided not to even try to get a pro design anymore. Colour Lovers has been a fun place to make a background and change the blog up each month. Beats being boring. lol

11. Review some non-fiction books with speculative fiction related themes (ie. cookbooks, craft books).

-- I did a few of these but not many. Instead I've been doing a bit of reviewing of other types of books (ie. toddler books, sewing and cooking) on my other blog.

12. Catch up on The Hollows, Cal Leandros, Cat Star Chronicles and Mercy Thompson series by year's end.

-- I caught up to River Marked with Mercy, not paying HC price for an ebook. Didn't even crack a Cat Star Chronicles, bummed I sucked there. Still have a couple to go on The Hollows, but I'm just not feeling the series anymore... I hate Ivy, always have. I've got Deathwish in my gym bag and read it only there. Been working on it a few pages at a time since August. lol

So overall I did alright on most of my goals. Not sure what I want to do this year. Fewer maybe? None at all. I dunno. I'm still trying to catch-up IRL from the end of year crazy we had. Ask me again in a week. :P

How about you guys? How was your reading last year? Did you hit any special goals or try something new? Have you planned any special challenges for yourself this year? -- Rhi


Lisa Kessler said...

Hi Rhi -

I had a great time being one of your debut author guests last year!!! :)

I read Mercy THompson up to River Marked too, and I'm dying to see the wedding, but seriously, 12.99 for an eBook copy???

But as soon as the price drops it's mine! LOL

Have you read the Alpha & Omega series from Patricia Briggs? I really like it too!

And last thing in my mega-long comment...

I have some Night Walker goodies I'd be happy to send you for giveaway stuff. You could probably get other authors to donate some signed swag too and then the giveaway won't have to come out of your own pocket...

Happy New Year!!!

Lisa :)

Rhianna said...

*hugs Lisa*

You never cease to fill me with adoration for you Lisa! :)

I tried to read Alpha & Omega since it's set here in Montana but I don't like Charles and to a point Anna bugs me too. I'm actually from Kennewick so the Mercy series will always be a favorite since I know all the places she talks about.

I've actually been collecting the doubles in my swag collection to do a special giveaway later this year. I need to start haunting everyone for trading cards though. My collection is really tiny. lol Actually... I should check and see if I have yours. *chin scratch* Hmmm... don't think I do.

I shall have to be in touch with you sometime soon 'cause I also am making a vampire themed giftbaskety giveaway and would love to add some of your swag to it. ;)

-- Rhi

Lisa Kessler said...

Aww shucks! *blush* :)

Just trying to help...

And let me know if you need signed goodies! I have trading cards and promo cards for giveaways!

Talk to you soon!

Lisa :)


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