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Weekend Reading [12/23-12/25] :: Merry Christmas from RhiReading

I am utterly exhausted. The hubs' surgery went well but the wait at the hospital was a real pain. Apparently I am invisible so I waited for 2 hours and finally started thinking something was wrong. When I asked if he'd been brought back they took me back where he'd been waiting for me for an hour. He was upset and I was moreso. Now he's in agonizing pain from the gas. Having been there with this same surgery—from the same surgeon no less—back in February I know how much pain he's in and hate not being able to make it go away. :(

On top of all the surgery stuff it was our eldest's 13th birthday yesterday. She showed up for our weekend with her with brown hair (she naturally has gorgeous blonde hair anyone else would pay top $ for in a salon), a lowcut top, and enough eye makeup to make me cringe. It's starting. That teenager hell I imagined when she was first born. I just hope she has enough sense to be a leader and not a follower now that she's got this much peer pressure to be like everyone else.

Tot had an accident at grandma's yesterday afternoon. We'd been doing some last minute shopping (birthday cards!) and dropped by her house. The tot decided to pull on her stocking and the heavy stocking holder on the mantle fell and hit her face. Poor kid now has a scratch from the corner of her nose down toward her jaw. *facepalm* I had literally been telling her to settle down at home earlier in the day since she was jumping by the TV stand and I was thinking she'd bonk her head. I wanted her to be bruise free for Christmas since she has a gorgeous dress to wear. Doh!

I did get some reading done in the waiting room at the hospital but since then I have had only a few minutes here and there. I dozed off trying to read last night. Hopefully by Monday the stress will smooth out and I'll be good to get back on reading to finish out a few more books by year's end. At more than 85 this year I'm feeling really good. I'd just like to have hit a full 100.

Been working on The Demon Lover: A Novel and Deadly Pursuit (A Blood Hunter Novel) this week. I cracked Cinder: Book One in the Lunar Chronicles but only a few pages in so far. With the kids getting all kinds of awesome loot tomorrow I'm sure I'll have slightly fewer distractions over the next week so maybe I will get all three done. We'll see. ;)

Anywho, I've got a lot to get done today and need to change this IV line of coffee. *giggle* Caffiene and cupcakes are all that's getting me through the weekend. If you celebrate Christmas may yours be very Merry and if not, I hope that whatever holiday you celebrate is joyful and if you celebrate nothing at all... well happy weekend reading to you! -- Rhi

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Unknown said...

Sounds like you've been busy. What kind of surgery did he have to have?


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