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It's Monday and I'm alive... really.

*yawn* Holy crap... where did last week go? I've finally shaken the cold but with the holiday season being filled with things like kids' concerts and such the week flew away from me. As much as I dread the start of a new year I'm so glad there're only a couple weeks of this one left. I'm just plain exhausted. Burning the candle at both ends is hardly healthy but there's always so much to do this time of year and I try really hard to catch up loose ends with the blog every December.

We hit 50 degrees on Saturday. It was freakishly warm. Kids were out in shorts. Usually this week of the year we're lucky if it gets above 20. Then we got a dump of perfect, pretty Christmas snow yesterday. Bet ya it'll melt before Christmas Day though. lol

I've been keeping it quiet but there's something medically wrong with my husband. The doctors still can't figure it out so we're cramming in a bunch of tests before the end of the year when our insurance changes. It's scary when the people trained to figure this stuff out can't seem to find the source of a problem. As if we didn't have enough stress with everyday life eh?

So what have you been up to? Working? Shopping madness? Reading great books? I've got a few reviews to get written and up this week with the ON A DARK WING tour stop and giveaway being Thursday. Better yet... wanna chance to win a Kindle Fire? Drop by the Tour Site and check the schedule. While you're there fill out the rafflecopter to enter! (My 12-year-old is getting a KF from us and my grandma and my dad pooling funds so I can't wait to play with it when he's at school lol).

May your week be filled with good books and minimal stress. :) -- Rhi

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