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Interview: Author Laura Kaye (+giveaways!)

Hi Laura! Thank you so much for being here today. I thought since you've been mostly getting to focus on your writing or your characters we'd shake it up a bit with holiday season topics.

Sounds great! And thanks so much for hosting me here!

In the spirit of the season this mini-view is a quick set of dozen questions!

What is...

Your must-have Christmas time treat?

Iced sugar cookies…and I have an awesome recipe for them: available in this free cookbook! Ooh, but I also love warm gingerbread with Cool Whip!

Your fondest Christmas time memory?

Oh, geez, just one? The first year my oldest daughter was old enough to get Christmas morning and appreciate the presents was truly wonderful—it’s amazing how infective a kid’s joy on Christmas can be!

The best book you've received as a gift (anytime of year)?

I’ve written two fan fiction novels in the Twilight fandom, and one ended up being a bit popular… One year for my birthday, my best friend had it bound and printed through CreateSpace and surprised me with it in book form. That was freaking awesome!

Your favorite Christmas tradition?

Decorating the Christmas tree as a family, and telling my girls all the stories associated with the ornaments.

All about your books...

Aside from her hero, what gift would you give your heroines at the holidays?

Hmm…okay, I’ll play! Assuming their hearts’ desires had been fulfilled by the big guy (er, that is, the hero!), then I’d share with them some of my favorite things: a Pandora bracelet, some wonderful Body Works mango body butter, and green M&Ms. *grins*

Which of your heroes would you most like to meet under the mistletoe?

OMG you have no idea how hard this one is! Um…geez…hmm…maybe…oh, but what about?...sigh…oh, he’d be soooo good, but then so would…okay—I decided! I’d have to go with Caden Grayson from Hearts in Darkness. I mean, I love ALL my heroes, but Caden has those spider bite piercings…that would be, er, extra delicious!

If Santa left your one special writing gift this holiday what would you ask for?

Does time count? Or does it need to be more tangible? A writing weekend away? Money to pay for all the Cons I’d like to attend? LOL I’ve got a list!

And just for fun...

Naughty or Nice? Naughty is nice! So, naughty…

Sugar Cookies or Gingerbread? Ha! I totally didn’t read down here when I answered the question above! LOL I. Can. Not. Pick!

Snow Angels or Snowmen? Aw, snowmen, natch.

Your tree: Fake or real? Real.

Opening presents: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Christmas Day.

Thanks so much for the fun interview! Now, everyone, please share one of your must-have Christmastime treats! And thanks for reading!

Laura Kaye

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About Laura Kaye:
A multi-published author of paranormal, contemporary and erotic romance, Laura Kaye’s hot, heartfelt stories are all about the universal desire for a place to belong. Laura is the author of the bestselling contemporary romance and award-nominated HEARTS IN DARKNESS and the bestselling and award-winning paranormal romance FOREVER FREED (NJRW Golden Leaf Award for Best Paranormal of 2011), as well as an erotic romance novella, JUST GOTTA SAY. Her fourth book, contemporary fantasy romance NORTH OF NEED, is the first in the 4-book Hearts of the Anemoi series. Laura lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.
/ \
__       \ /       __
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_\ _ \ /  _/_
_ _/ _ / \ _ \_ _
/ _  /    / \/ \    \ _ \
/ \
\ /

About North of Need:

Her tears called a powerful snow god to life, but only her love can grant the humanity he craves...

Desperate to escape agonizing memories of Christmas past, twenty-nine-year-old widow Megan Snow builds a snow family outside the mountain cabin she once shared with her husband, realizing too late that she's recreated the very thing she'll never have.

Called to life by Megan's tears, snow god Owen Winters appears unconscious on her doorstep in the midst of a raging blizzard. As she nurses him to health, Owen finds unexpected solace in her company and unimagined pleasure in the warmth of her body, and vows to win her heart for a chance at humanity.

Megan is drawn to Owen's mismatched eyes, otherworldly masculinity, and enthusiasm for the littlest things. But this Christmas miracle comes with an expiration--before the snow melts and the temperature rises, Megan must let go of her widow's grief and learn to trust love again, or she'll lose Owen forever.
/ \
__       \ /       __
\ _ \ _\ / \ /_ /_ /
_\ _\ / _/_
_ _/ _ / \ _ \_ _
/ _ /   /  \/  \   \ _ \
/ \
\ /
An Excerpt from North of Need

Owen’s POV:

Chair Lift 3 took them where they needed to the top of the mountain, and Owen loved how Megan snuggled into the side of his body, their thighs pressed tight together. He gazed down at her. “Beautiful up here,” he murmured as the unnoticed resort glided by beneath them.

“Yeah.” She turned away from his chest and took in the view, then glanced up to see him staring at her. A blush bloomed over her cheeks, discernible even under her ski goggles and beanie. She leaned back against him. He squeezed her in with his arm around her shoulders. At the end of the lift ride, they jumped off together and she guided them to the trail she wanted to try.

“Okay, promise me you won’t cheat.”
“Cheat? What do you mean?”

“None of that snow god voodoo,” she said.

Owen’s whole body shook with amusement.

“I mean it,” Megan said, humor coloring her voice.

He steadied himself using his poles. “No voodoo. Got it.”

“Good. Okay, then. Wait here a second, I want to show you something.”

He nodded. “All right.”

Megan slowly skied away from him. “Stay right there, now,” she called over her shoulder. Just as he started to frown at how far she’d gone, she threw him a mischievous look, dug her poles in, and shoved off. “Catch me if you can!”

Owen gaped. “That little…And she told me not to cheat.” He didn’t think on it long, though, because he was after her in a flash. He knew why she made him promise not to use his powers. She was good. Surefooted and centered. Handled the turns with ease and zigzagged on the straightaways to pick up speed. Gods, her competence on the snow had him hardening in his pants.

He whooped out a cheer of pure exhilaration. The cold air whipped at his hair—he wore neither hat nor goggles, not needing them. He filled his lungs with the wind, fed off it. Tightening his stance, he gained on her, but never caught up. Man, was he going to make her pay.

At the bottom, they twisted to a stop, their downhill skis carving into the snow and sending up sprays of powder. Owen glided toward her.

“Sorry, sorry,” she giggled out with a hand over her mouth.

Owen grabbed it and pulled it away, wrapped it around his back.

“I told you, never hide your smiles from me.” He kissed her cold lips. “Naughty, naughty girl.”

She nodded. “Yep. Ready to go again?”

He smacked her bottom, though her insulated snow pants kept his bare hand from having the effect he really wanted. “You better believe it.”


Laura Kaye said...

Thanks so much for hosting me, Rhiannna! And I'm totally in love with that graphic of the woman tackling the snowman! LOL Thanks for that!

Poison Rose said...

Just one?? I cannot decide on only one, so I'd have to say snicker doodles and burried cherry cookies...YUMMY!

And I'd have to agree with Laura, I want Caden under the mistletoe! But nor for his spider bites, but for his tattoos.

Happy HOlidays!

Rhianna said...

:D You're very welcome Laura! I was formatting the post and there was this big empty area I just felt NEEDED something. I figured a small snowman gif maybe tipping his hat would be kinda funny considering the scene but when I stumbled on that one I HAD to use it! I just wish she was blonder.

My favorite Christmas time treat is gingerbread. Now don't get me wrong... sugar cookies are like the best thing ever but you can eat those any time of year. Gingerbread just doesn't feel right in say... July. lol

Stephanie said...

One of my must-have Christmas time treats is a slice of deep dish apple pie. Thanks for the giveaway!

Victoria said...

I make about 32 pounds of fudge for family and friends each year at Christmas and I must admit that I love it too! But I only like the spoon :).
I'm loving all these excerpts. They're fantastic!

Vanessa N. said...

I love having spanish version of eggnog. Delicious. Great excerpt. Thanks.


Laura Kaye said...

@PoisonRose -- snicker doodles rock!

@Rhianna -- I'm baking gingerbread cookies this afternoon!

@Stephanie -- apple pie is my favorite dessert evah!

@Victoria -- omg I want to come to your house! LOL

@Vanessa -- Never tried that! But intrigued!

Thanks for sharing, guys!

alainala said...

YUM! im a huge fan of cookies.. my mom makes these chewy bars.. cherries, chocolate chips, nuts. YUM.. lol.. i also love sugar cookies and pretty much other treat..

Anonymous said...

Laura captures the intersection of desire and love perfectly.

Christmas favorite? Don't know the name, of even if there is one, but those peanut butter cookies that have a hershey's kiss? LOVE THEM.

cathwitacee said...

It's always been snow angels, and now....

Laura Kaye said...

Great comments guys! Thanks!

Sophia Rose said...

Oh my word! I love each excerpt that I have read so far. And that interview was very fun, thanks for the post!

My favorite treat from this time of the year is either my sister in law's home made peanut butter chocolate balls or White fudge Oreos.

I only wish to be entered for the e-book, thanks. I already have a set of trading cards coming-yeah!

mommy0306 said...

I LOVE Peppermint Bark & White Choc Covered Pretzels his grandma makes... between my husband and i they're usually gone within a couple days.

Terri M

Laura Kaye said...

OMG you guys are making me hungry with all these delicious treats! I'm very much enjoying reading your comments--thanks so much!

Linda Henderson said...

Chocolate covered cherries, I only eat them at Christmas time. They aren't even that expensive.

seriousreader at live dot com

The Book Diva said...

Christmas Cookies!

Laura Kaye said...

My mother was a huge fan of chocolate-covered cherries, too! And, omg, Christmas cookies. Why do cookies taste so much better this time of year?!


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