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W.R. [11/11-11/13] :: Tying up loose (book) ends and upcoming fun!

Most years Veteran's Day passes without much fanfare for me. Not because I don't care but because I live in a military community, married into a family of veterans, and supported my husband while he served. Why should we only care on one day of the year? I recognize the sacrifices of vets every single day. When we have a little extra money for charities we usually donate to those that benefit those who have served in our armed forces because we know firsthand how much it costs physically and emotionally. Have seen the physical and emotional scars of battle in our friends and loved ones. Don't forget to be thankful to our veterans today, but try not to forget them—and their families who serve at home—every other day of the year.

This weekend I'm going to try and finish up the handful of books I've started but haven't managed to get 'round to finishing for whatever reason. The Mephisto Covenant: The Redemption of Ajax is first on that list. Everyone seems to either LOVE or HATE this book. So far I've leaned mostly toward hate. I even debated not finishing it. But since I requested it for review and was halfway through I decided to finish it. Reviewing it is going to be the hard part. If I can finish that one off I'll try to get more of Dearly, Departed read. I've enjoyed it a lot but hit a point where I was getting kinda bored. Then there was other reading that demanded my attention so I set it down. There's also Jane Jones: Worst. Vampire. Ever. which I kind of have been reading but not reading while I cook dinner. Somewhere I saw it compared to Stacey Jay's writing and well y'all know why I'd pick that up. So far it's not interesting me enough. *le sigh*

Since this month is all about Christmas and speculative fiction (scifi, steampunk, paranormal, horror) I've been gathering more titles for featuring and am excited to let y'all know I'm having author Rebecca Royce visit the blog at the end of the month! She'll be here to guestpost and we'll be featuring her upcoming One Night Stand series release from Decadent Publishing, I'll Be Mated For Christmas. If you have a favorite holiday tale in this vein leave me a comment—even if it's not new!—and let me know. I'm going to feature one a week through the end of the year.
On that note my dear readers I must don my cape and fly... it's time for lunch, the tot needs a nap, and I've got errands to run. TTFN and have a great weekend! -- Rhi

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