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Weekend Reading [11/18-11/20] :: Subzero Temps & Sexy Steampunk

Ugh. We knew this time of year was coming but before Thanksgiving it just isn't fair! It's currently snowing a powdery, dry snow with whipping winds straight down from the North. Having just finally finished watching Game of Thrones I can't help but go "winter is coming". :P It wouldn't be so bad. I like snow. What I don't like is that this is when our temperature drops into the below 0 territory and the windchills hit super negative numbers. At the moment it's -4. And I needed to go grocery shopping. Doh!

I suppose the big advantage to being stuck at home is that time to read seems more likely. But at the moment my kitchen pipes are frozen and water is leaking through the pipe of my wood stove. *facepalm* Which means the hubs and I get to play amateur home repair all weekend. I hope you all are enjoying a warmer weekend than I will be!

Over the weekend I have got to get some reading caught up. I somewhat stalled out with Dearly, Departed. It's in this sort of slow section and I'm soooo bored. I'm bummed it's even happening because it started off very promising. I'm also working on A Clockwork Christmas, the featured holiday book of the week. :) So far it's purty good. I finished Stacy Gail's story which had a few flaws but was overall really good. Now I'm on P.G. Forte's story but not liking it at all. Boo! hate when that happens. Then I've got to start cram sessioning a line of books I need to review and write interviews for. Yes, I actually have gone ahead with planning a bunch of December activities for myself and then gotten too sidetracked to read the books for them. Me bad. :(
Well dearies, the tot is screaming for lunch and I really should do something about the mess of laundry downstairs. May your weekend be filled with reading and fun. I know lots of ya are heading out to see BDP1 so drop in and let me know if it's decent please 'cause I'm too broke to go and our theater will be extra packed since it's so cold. TTFN! -- Rhi


Unknown said...

I want to watch Game of Thrones so beyond bad... I've read two of the books reading the third, just I do not have the channel it was on boo!

Rhianna said...

We JUST changed out cable package at the beginning of the month. We've been so budget concious anymore we needed some way to be at home and be entertained that worked for everyone in the house.

I was stoked they put GoT back on the On Demand list for HBO since I'd been wanting to see it. I did buy the first book but who knows when I'll get to it. lol


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