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W.R. [10/21-10/23] :: Zombies and Christmas

This weekend should be a good one dear readers. Yesterday we had our sod delivered and spent most of the evening laying sod. I've never done it before and didn't expect it to be as easy as it was. We got all of the backyard finished and part of our sideyard before the sun went down and my MIL brought the tot home so today we'll probably get out there and get the rest done. After months of having a dirt yard it's almost surreal seeing grass out back. I feel so accomplished! A little sore too. lol That's my 'things that bring happiness' number one.

Another thing that made me really happy is something really simple. I've been noticing painted curbs in our general area for several weeks now. I really wanted one too! But had no idea who was doing them. But there I was in my bandana and hoodie hauling rolls of sod when a guy popped up in my sideyard asking about the curb painting. My number two thing that brought me some happy this week was not only that I'm now part of the cool club with my painted curb the project itself made me really please. I know sometimes this kind of thing ends up being shady but at face value I'm really pleased to see Mr. Schellers giving local kids paying work while doing a small service to our community. I literally had to pay them in $1's because all I had was the money I take from pockets in the laundry room and I wanted these kids to know their work was appreciated. Cool eh?

Once we've got the grass under control I'm going to sit down and read like crazy. I'm trying to get back onto the monthly theme but Dearly, Departed has grabbed hold of me and won't let go. I so wish I had come up with this concept. It's futuristic but steampunky and it has zombies! I could almost see this being the next big thing. My only beef so far is the switching character first person perspectives. Those always give me grief. This is an example of them being done right but still. It's one thing I just wouldn't specifically look for as a way I want a story told.

I've also been pecking away here and there at Damien Kelly's The Christmas Gifts. It isn't everyday I accept a self-published author's work. Any reviewer knows that 'self-published' can be synonymous with 'unedited'. With so little time for myself that isn't spent reading for reviews I have to be very selective with solicitations for review but Damien brought something to me that I didn't know I'd been looking for. His book is the Christmas macabre rolled up into little stocking stuffer sized treats of dark holiday delight. So far I am very much enjoying it.
On that note darlings I really should hop away for a bit and get some regular chores done—like laundry! Hope you have something enjoyable planned for the weekend and do let me know what you're currently reading. Don't forget that the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop starts late Sunday and I'm giving away a FOUR books! This iwll be my first giveaway using rafflecopter so it should be interesting. Have a good one! -- Rhi

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