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W.R. [10/14-10/16] :: The not-so-terrible twos and difficult books...

The picture says it all. I know someone out there is viewing my blog... I just don't know who. Comments are like Miracle-Gro in a garden, not neccessary to survival but it makes the plants more lush. I rarely nudge for comments but lately I can't help but feel a little like I'm talking to myself when I write anything blog related that isn't a review. I'm glad you're here and reading—my stats tell me someone is anyway—comments just let me know who is popping by and that helps me get to know my audience so I can offer more stuff that interests you. With that in mind.... a quick question before I dive into the usual Friday fare...

Over the summer were my TV Monday posts enjoyable? Did I feature too many shows or too few?

There are so many current shows (as you can see by my sidebar) that suit my blog's reading genres and book related stuff that I'd love to bring it back but worry I'm wasting a lot of precious time when I could focus on content you guys would rather see. Your input always helps me grow! :)

Now... once again we had grass laying plans and the weather turned to rain. I loves me some rain but UGH! I just want to get this yard finished. Then it's done and I don't have to think about it anymore. So what to do this weekend? OMG catch up on my damned reviews! *head/desk* Seriously! I know I'm not the only blogger who gets this once in a while but sheesh. I can't seem to get caught up. I managed five words the other day before I was facepalming in despair. Plus we're gonna party! Yup, it's the big 2 for the tot. Hard to believe I'm still doing this blog and she's two. When I started the blog it was just my big kid so I had much more freetime and it wasn't easy then. I definitely considered giving it up so I wouldn't feel torn between the two "jobs" but book blogging is what keeps me feeling like me and not Mommy and only Mommy.

I'm having a difficult run with my current read, Gena Showalter's The Darkest Secret. I've never found Amun interesting or even mysterious. He's still boring. Then there's Haidee, his heroine, whom I find mostly annoying. There is way too much talking but saying nothing that happens in this series as it is but when half of it is happening in his head it's even more mind-numbing. I only manage a chapter or so before I start wanting to put it down. The Strider bits are almost more nerve grating though. He's a pig in a way that doesn't work for me. Not sure I will want to read The Darkest Surrender or just skip it and go on to The Darkest Seduction. I'm getting the the point I may start skimming a little to speed this one up. Ouch!
While we're on the subject of the lovely Gena though... does anyone know what exactly Dating the Undead is? The idea amused me but I only just stumbled on it there on Amazon. Is it an actual magazine or a trade paperback book?

Well dear ones I really should mosey if I want to get stuff done today. Have a fabulous weekend and don't forget to comment and let me know what you're reading this weekend! -- Rhi


koorihime-sama said...

I know how you feel about comments. I see the stats that people are visiting my book blog, but few comments. xD

I love my kindle. <3 I might make a list for you so we can try to loan out. :X I just have to remember. ;)

Unknown said...

Happy b-day to you little one!


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