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Weekend Reading [10/28-10/30] :: The Last Days of Darkness & Grimm

I'm late getting this up today, sorry about that! The hubs and I went out so I could get the final pieces of my Snow White costume. Alas, finding opera length red satin gloves for a decent price wasn't in the cards. My costume is sooo cute though. Not bad for a total of about $30.This is why I shop for costumes the day after Halloween. I'm really happy that the costume I bought last year even fits. It was super tight when I bought it but I've spent the past 8 months working my ass off to lose the lingering baby weight. It's a little looser in the bust than I'd like but considering boobs are mostly made of fat what did I expect eh? lol

Instead of hitting the gym tonight though we got together with the inlaws for school fundraiser pizza and Captain America. Completely forgot Grimm was premiering tonight. We'd just finished our movie when it started and to be honest I thought it was a snorefest that reminded me of that Dylan Dog movie. I'll give it another episode or two but I don't think it's got what I need for it to hold me. Love fairy tales twisted and such but this show offered me nothing. Not even a familiar actor to latch onto. If you watched it what'd you think?

This weekend I'm going to try and finish up Dark Eden. I received the unsolicted ARC so long ago and the premise didn't grab me so it was at the bottom of the pile but so far it's been a swift read and is slow but somewhat engaging. Very mysterious. I've not spent the money for the App that I guess has the maps and stuff for it. The concept seems suited to the audience but kinda expensive in the long run. Is it weird I've been listening to Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy" while reading it?

My hope is to have Heart of Steel started on Sunday but tomorrow will be a day of baking and pumpkin carving with our family. Probably some last minute sewing for my son's costume. Which means it's anyone's guess if I'll get to it all. I still haven't even had time for checking out all of the amazing giveaways in the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop. So mant great books being given away and lots of giftcards. If you haven't entered mine click the link at right and be sure to try and enter a few. HUNDREDS of giveaways and some with only a few dozen entries.

Have an awesome and safe weekend! Make sure to drop by Monday for TV Mondays and leave me a comment about what you're reading this weekend. -- Rhi

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