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Review: My Boyfriend is a Monster: Under His Spell

Under His Spell (My Boyfriend Is a Monster #4) by Marie P. Croall and Hyeondo Park
Graphic Novel, Young Adult, Fae
Paperback $9.95 (128 pages, GRAPHIC UNIVERSE)
Bethany Farmer's life is a boring high school routine, and she likes it that way. Soccer, coffee, homework, more coffee, and no goofy romance. That is, until foreign exchange student Allein Atwood shows up in her Midwestern town, and her life turns epically weird. Allein has unearthly good looks, princely politeness, and a bunch of goofy, romantic pick-up lines. But is his country really so foreign that they don't know anything about soccer? Or coffee?
To her horror, Bethany is swept off her feet by Allein's spellbinding ways--and then knocked flat by savage creatures set loose into suburbia to hunt Allein down. Suddenly Bethany's normal town is twisted upside down, and nothing is what it seems. Can Bethany rescue her prince of a boyfriend and keep them both alive long enough to go on a second date?

Series Site: myboyfriendisamonster.com

Completely Lacking... (2 stars)

The fourth graphic novel in the MY BOYFRIEND IS A MONSTER series, UNDER HIS SPELL, movies from true monsters into faery territory. Yeah, you read that right. Faery. This could have been workable if it was done with a true flair for fae folklore but instead it feels like a weak mash-up of the previous installments in the series.

Bethany's life is boring—the idea being that the fae boyfriend makes it exciting—and it really bleeds through into the plot. There's nothing fresh or original here. Allein's fae cousins come to hunt him down. Fighting. Injury. Blah. Blah. *snore*

The art was the only thing that saved this. I loved that in a manner suiting to the story the pages went from black and white to color. It's gimmicky but was the lone saving grace keeping this from earning a single star review.

If you liked the previous installments I'd say skip this one. I think, based on a pre-order link I stumbled upon while writing this review, that there will be further installments to the series coming out in Spring of 2012 so look for what will hopefully be something better from the MY BOYFRIEND IS A MONSTER series next year!

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Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

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