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Reading in the Dark [Monthly Theme for October]

When I was a little girl my mother used to constantly rant on me because I had a bad habit of reading in poor lighting. I can't say it helped much since I still do it. Having a good excuse for the bad habit helps me get away with it a little... when I'm deeply into a book I forget there is a world outside of it unless someone draws me out.

This month for the blog's theme I've been focusing on books with words related to darkness in the title. Why darkness? I'd be lying if I didn't say my first reason was because I noticed a glut of books with the word 'dark' in the title were in my TBR4R (to-be-read-for-review) pile. Yet as I collected them up into a literal stack I pondered the reason it's popped up so very frequently.

Darkness can stand for a lot of things. Actual physical darkness such as night or the deeper shades of a color. Metaphorical darkness, the unpleasant sides of things, the evil within a person. There's a reason most vampire lore requires them to live in physical darkness. As author Jus Accardo was discussing at The Naked Hero, a character's darkness can be both frightening and alluring.

During this month as nights in the Northern Hemisphere lengthen and more of our time is spent in the dark it seemed only fitting to devote my reading to titles where darkness was integrated into the title if not the tale itself. Looking for some dark reading? Here are a handful of titles that are in this month's TBR pile, I've already read, or that caught my eye as other reads that would fit the theme. Enjoy!


melindeeloo said...

Wow that's alot of darkness for on TBR pile:)

Rhianna said...

:D It is isn't it?

Honestly only about 1/3 of it is actually in my possession and probably another 1/3 on my wishlist and the rest were ones that looked good but didn't make it to either.

It's awful how many books I'd read if I wasn't limited by time and money. lol

koorihime-sama said...

I actually have some of those. :X

I only have the Brenda Joyce ones on Kindle.

While I have my 3 days off, I'm going to be trying to read. >.>" Hopefully, I will be able to read as much as I much. :P I better start now since it's my first day of three days. :)

Rhianna said...

:) I'm going to have to compile a list of Kindle titles I have Koori. The lending period is only like 14 days and I haven't tried it yet but if I have something you want to read I'd be glad to give it a shot.

Have fun reading on your days off! What are you reading anyways?


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