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I can't catch a break! *facepalm*

It's happened! Yep, you guessed it. The hubs got the bug. Not even a 1/4 as bad as I had it but still... he's sick and you know how those men get when they're sick.

I also forgot to mention we had to reschedule our sod laying from last week to this week because it was rainy all last week. But this week's been pretty decent with no rain. Then I checked the forecast and guess what we're supposed to have from Friday to Sunday? RAIN! *doh* The people at the sod place are going to think I am an indecisive asshat when I call and ask them for another reschedule. But seriously, how am I supposed to lay the sod alone in the rain? Yeah, it ain't happenin'. *sigh*

Between dealing with kidlets, pets, the sick hubs, and attempting to make somewhat of a social presence online yesterday I didn't even crack a book yesterday. No wait. I take that back. I read a little bit of a self-pubbed work that I was contacted about.

Is it just me fellow bloggers or has there been a sudden glut of self-pubbed authors seeking reviews in general? Not that I mind but it's difficult knowing which ones are worth my time. I'm always WAY overbooked for reviews and I rarely have time to read anything that isn't for review anymore. It kinda sucks. The one book I'm DYING to read that I was supposed to get an ARC of still hasn't shown and when I put the cover as my iPad background my hubs went and changed the abs-aliciousness to a drawing of a jack o'lantern with a penis on it. It's okay for the man to wish for Jessica topless on True Blood but I can't have some Archimedes Fox abs as my background without repercussions. So not cool.

Anyway I didn't start this post intending this long whine but I needed it. I didn't realize I have no local RL friends (that I could vent to) until I went to a Tastefully Simple party last week and had the option of booking a party of my own. How pathetic am I? :P

I've found a couple of cool things recently that I thought I'd share.

Actually, the title doesn't quite say it all. This is a BIG author collective blog featuring romance writers from Entangled Publishing. Some of the awesome ladies you've met (and will meet) here are part of the team of Goddesses who write there including Patricia Eimer, Brooke Moss, Nina Croft, and Laura Kaye. Love romance? Get your butt over there and meet these fab ladies.

Remember how I discovered the awesomesauce that is Moira Rogers last year? No... well thanks to Carina Press being the coolest pub on the block when it comes to anthologies they had the Winter Wishes anthology. It's no secret that Christmas is low on my list of favored holidays but when it's in fiction and film I love it. Blend in some paranormal elements and you'll rock my socks. But this year it's all about the steampunk with A Clockwork Christmas! It's not available for pre-order yet but as soon as it's available I'll be sure to make a note of it.

Thanks to the Here Be Magic blog I discovered more about it (and it's currently sitting in my NetGalley queue so watch for it next month!). Rockin' covers, new-to-me authors, steampunk and romance and Christmas cheer? Yeah, I knew about this when it was still in the submission stage but I am sooo excited and had to spread the word!

And guess what? They're looking for Science Fiction Holiday submissions for next year!

Well crappage. Lots to do today and zeeeero motivation. Hope your week's going better than mine! -- Rhi

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