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Hi Rhireaders! Check out the latest events in the sidebar! Thanks for visiting, be sure and follow me on social media for MORE awesome content.

Did you drop by to request a review or tour stop? Due to high demand and a very busy schedule, I am currently CLOSED for unsolicited review requests. Thank you for thinking of me though!

I do have promotional openings for October 2017 through February 2018 open so please reach out. Just please drop me an email with a polite request and if I'm interested I will reply.

-- Rhi


Going Off Topic-ish With a Pretty Little Liars Reminder!

It's Halloween Special time everybody!

ABC Family will be running a Pretty Little Liars marathon beforehand so now's the time to catch-up if you've missed any of season 2's intense episodes.

The First Secret
Season 2, Episode 13
The Halloween before Alison vanished finds her facing a possible usurper to her queen-bee throne. Meanwhile, Aria uncovers something surprising about her dad; and Spencer struggles with her class-election campaign as she deals with parental disapproval. (synopsis from TVguide.com)

P.S. -- Don't forget to head on over to dELiA*s to enter to win an iPad 2 with a sparkly PLL case and a style haul!

Makes me feel soooo old and decrepit to day this but dELiA*s was my fave when I was a teenager and I so could not get away with most of what they've got anymore. Makes me wish I was a teenager again... until I remember what it was like being a teenager and come to my senses. :P

They've got some cool PLL tees so even if you don't want to enter the contest check them out for your BFF or little sister or niece 'cause Christmas is coming and I bet ya these will go FAST!


koorihime-sama said...

Well, I didn't get to read as much as I wanted. ;___;

Instead, I decided to re-vamp my layout (as much as I can, anyway). I think it looks more pretty now. :P

Rhianna said...

Hate when that happens! I managed to read a whole book yesterday because the hubs got the new Batman game so he and our son were distracted enough. lol

You blog looks great! Very organized. I redid the sidebar here earlier this week. I forget where I read but the comment was made that dual sidebars look bad. I don't agree but it made me consider streamlining mine more. Now I just need to get a linkable button going. lol


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