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WR [09/23-09/25] :: Banned Books Week

Finally! It seems we're settling into the routine of school again at last. My son burned through my Hunger Games books in a weekend leaving me stuck trying to find something equally entertaining but not too far above his reading level. Having absolutely no luck there. Every time I make a suggestion he has a reason it's "too hard" or "doesn't sound good". The kid isn't even 12 yet and honestly has the comprehension and reading skill of a high schooler. It's a blessing and a curse.

Does anyone know of a book blogging meme where each blog posts a specific interest or need and their readers make suggestions based on that? I've had the idea for a meme of this sort bouncing around in my head for months but so far haven't come across one. I don't know a damned thing about starting one or anyone who would be interested but well... maybe by the new year I'll be up for the task.

Meanwhile I've found myself in a bit of a money-woe situation IRL. Unexpected hospital bills. A payment that didn't go through making us get a late fee. A growing toddler. I swear I just bought the tot clothes and she's already outgrown everything! The hubs and I were joking about feeding her nothing but salmon and blueberries... and only if you watched Death Valley on Monday would you get the reference. teehee! I found 3 copies of The Iron Duke being clearanced out for $3.99 at Hastings today and was totally going to buy them to give away but with my budget being this tight... a movie for our "date night" was more of a priority. Hope you guys can forgive me. Cool news though... if you haven't picked it up yet the Mass Market size comes out in January and will have some bonus content.

This weekend starts the ALA's Banned Books Week which I've been looking forward to all year. Last year I mentioned briefly that a period of my upbringing was in a household with a very strict religious set of parents and my experience with my reading being constantly problematic. After 17 years I picked up a copy of the one book I specifically recalled a nasty exchange about. Never did get to finish it. So this year in honor of my freedom to read whatever I damn well please I'm finally finishing Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale: A Novel. Anyone else choose a special title that's been banned or challenged to read this week?

Well folks, my computer's disc drive finally kicked the bucket and I have a lot to do if I want reading time this weekend. Have a good one and happy reading! -- Rhi

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koorihime-sama said...

Yeah... I already posted my banned books thing on my book blog. xD

I also made some goodread tags on my account with banned books. >.<


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