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WR [09/09-09/11] :: The Curse of the DNF Pile

Last night was our school's Back-to-School Night. Parents come in and meet the teachers and find out about what their kids will be learning, classroom rules, school policies, and the teacher themselves. This is our final year at this school (until the tot goes to kindergarten) so it was kind of a beginning-of-the-end moment. Like reading the first chapter in the final book in a series. It's exciting and kind of sad at the same time.

As a sat down to do some review work after coming home and getting the kids in bed I realized how massive my TBR pile has become. Just ARCs and review copies (both digital and print) are hovering in the region of about 60. Granted that does include a couple of non-fiction and children's books (we're talking toddler books) I've been working on reviewing for my other blog but still! What is wrong with me? My eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach as they say. How did I get this swamped? Surely I could know to only request or accept books I really want to read. Only... I am! *facepalm*

One issue I find comes up is that sometimes I get bored with a book. I may even like the book and still find my mind wandering as a read. Maybe it's some form of adult ADD? *giggle* If you know me personally you'll see the irony there. Usually this results in my spending the month of December finishing anywhere from 5-10 half-read books from earlier in the year. I even had to come up with a shelf for them on Goodreads. Maybe my problem isn't adult ADD. Maybe I'm incapable of admitting true defeat. Especially to a book. A good example of that would be Elphame's Choice. I never did figure out exactly what made it bore me but it took me over a year to finish it.

How many of you out there—blogger or not—find yourself suffering from a little trouble admitting book defeat?

This weekend I've got just a little bit of Embraced by Blood left and hopefully I can just knaw my way through the rest of Brightest Kind of Darkness. If you haven't picked the latter up yet... seriously dudes... just go buy it! It'll be the best 99¢ you spend this year. I feel really awful too because somehow in the shuffle after I got home from my trip in July I lost it in my digital TBR pile. I'd totally intended to read and review it by the end of July! How suck am I? :P Ahh well, I hope you can forgive me P.T.! Now that I'm reading I'm seriously mad I didn't start it sooner because it's quite the page turner and NO ONE seems to have heard of it. How does that happen?

Well folks... if I'm going to get to those books I better get off this computer and snuggle up with my Kindle and my cats. Have an awesome weekend and don't forget to comment and tell me what you're reading! -- Rhi

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