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Review: My Boyfriend is a Monster: My Boyfriend Bites

My Boyfriend Bites (My Boyfriend Is a Monster #3) Dan Jolley and Alitha E. Martinez
Graphic Novels, Young Adult, Vampires
Paperback $9.95 (128 pages, GRAPHIC UNIVERSE)
Vanessa Shingle has a knack for choosing boyfriends who need fixing--the juvenile delinquent, the school cheat, the slacker....Then she meets Jean-Paul McClellan--the perfect project!
Vanessa is determined to find out Jean-Paul's story. Why would such a smart hunk waste his life as a janitor? She drags her best friend Stork on a nighttime mission to learn more. What she sees makes her blood run cold.
Suddenly, Vanessa's little New Mexico town is overrun by vampires--obnoxious ones at that. And Vanessa seems to be their target. Is Jean-Paul one of them? If so, why is he being so nice to her? When he talks about prophecies and legacies and Romania, what's he really up to?
Vanessa finds herself with a real situation to fix--and she stakes her life on being able to rise to the challenge.

Series Site: myboyfriendisamonster.com

My Overall Favorite of the Series! (5 stars)

Vanessa Shingle has a problem. When it comes to guys she has a habit of dating the fixer-uppers. Meeting up with the hottie janitor who should be doing something far less mundane seems like nice start to her latest fix-a-boyfriend adventure. But in this little New Mexico town there's something far more problematic going on. Vampires are running amock and they seem to want a taste of Vanessa. When her new project starts seeming like maybe his biggest problem has nothing to do with his custodial profession the stakes will be high. Jean-Paul might not be the only one who needs to rise to their potential and it's up to Vanessa to live up to the family name.

While I definitely enjoyed I Love Him to Pieces and would recommend it first My Boyfriend Bites edged it out by just a little bit. Honestly, I wasn't expecting any originality in this one and Jolley managed to really surprise me with the twists and turns of this one's plot. Unlike Dicey and Bethany, Vanessa wasn't an athlete. She's very smart save for her taste in guys and I found her to be the most relatable of the four girls in the series.

The art here is decidedly more traditional, less manga-esque. If you like Marvel's Runaways Martinez's style would suit that series very well in my opinion. I really liked the renderings of both Vanessa and Jean-Paul. What can I say? They're just pretty and if that doesn't appeal to the targeted audience I'll be surprised.

My Boyfriend Bites is a quick and entertaining read with some interesting ideas. If you liked I Love Him to Pieces but hated Made For Each Other you should give this one a try. If you're new to the series you can start with this one if you're into vampires since each stands alone. Enjoy!

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