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Review: Defying Convention by Abby Niles

Defying Convention by Abby Niles
Contemporary Romance, Geek
Ebook $4.99 (CARINA PRESS)
Journalist Emma Portland would do anything to save her career, even go undercover at the 31st Annual GalaxyCon in search of a story. Emma thinks she's hit pay dirt when she meets Luke Evans, a bestselling sci-fi author whose readers have turned against him. She has no problem getting close to the sexy writer to get the scoop on his downfall. Except the more time she spends with Luke, the more she has a different kind of exposé in mind...
Luke can't believe he's found the one woman at GalaxyCon who hasn't heard of him and can look that hot in a bikini. For the first time he's opening up about himself...and the secret that torpedoed his writing career. Too bad his former fans are out for blood—and out to sabotage his budding relationship with Emma.
But amidst rival reporters, eager fanboys and overzealous role-players, it's Emma's secret that may put the brakes on their sizzling attraction for good...

Author Site: abbyniles.com

Delicious Romance for the Girl-Geek or Geek Lover (5 stars)

Emma Portland has this one chance at rescuing her career as an investigative journalist. But being assigned to a scifi convention isn't exactly the setting for a juicy scandal... until she meets Luke Evans. Better known as Luke Blaster, the scifi writer has done the unthinkable to his main character and his fans have gone savage. His presence at GalaxyCon is a tremulous one. Emma's sure there's some big secret to be uncovered about Luke and she doesn't mind trying to get close to him to find it.

Once the chemistry starts to simmer between them though, she realizes uncovering Luke's secret could ruin what might be a relationship worth having. When Luke's fans seek to exact some subtle revenge via LARP and Emma gets sucked into the mix it's chaos. Emma's going to have to make a choice... ruin her career or ruin Luke.

A scifi novelist on the outs with his fans. An investigative journalist on the verge of having her career flushed. A scifi convention full of costume-clad angry geeks set on having the punishing LARP of a lifetime. These aren't usually the things a great romance is made of and that is exactly why this one works!

While I've never been to a Con I loves me some geekery and Niles manages to make this dose smart, sexy and hilarious. Luke is one yummy specimen, if a bit angry and angsty for my taste. Emma is a little cliched but still enjoyable. I really wish she'd been more geeky. My only real issue with either character was their lack of geekness. At times it kinda felt like someone had kidnapped the quarterback and the cheerleader and dumped them into the chess club which as a real-life girl-geek was a little disheartening. But as the story progressed Luke's writing and secrets revealed him to be a mix of geek and regular guy that actually worked. Emma's only real geekery seemed to stem from having a super-nerd brother who helped her pass at the convention. (One note there... I wondered more than once why Luke didn't call Emma on her presence at the Con if she was so unlikely to be there with her lack of fandom).

Even with my little issues there I really think this was a great, if predictable, tale. It inspired a great range of emotions and plenty of LOL moments. By the end I was very satisfied. To be honest it wouldn't be completely off-base to say that if you liked the very based idea behind the film Never Been Kissed this runs in a similar vein. I loved it! If you're a geek and enjoy romances I highly recommend this one. I am adding Abby Niles to my authors-to-watch list. This would be a great book for Codex from The Guild to read... and if you get that reference... get this book!

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