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Guestpost: Author Aubrie Dionne

My Favorite Scene in Paradise 21

I’m going to share with you a scene that was a roller coaster ride to write. This scene is between two characters with previous history. Striker, the captain of The Morphic Marauder, has had enough with his former flame, Tiff. She left him stranded on Sahara 354 and stole his map to paradise. Now the tables have turned. Striker has an even better ship, and the map as well. If she’s ever going to get to paradise, she’s going to have to win him back.

But he’ll have none of it.

Here’s the scene:
Tiff resisted the urge to smile. She’d finally grabbed Striker’s attention. She plunked
herself down in front of him and gazed into his smoldering gray-green eyes. “I need to talk to

“Well, turn that music down and come on.” Striker gestured for her to accompany him
down the corridor.

Tiff complied, softening the music before following him into the corridor.

She saw him clench his lower jaw as he turned to face her, arms crossed. “What do you

Tiff tilted her head. “Don’t you recognize it?”

“What?” She saw his mouth sour as recognition hit. It was their song. The song that had
been playing when she'd first jumped onto his ship deck and asked to join the crew. As he
registered it, the lead singer’s voice oozed out the refrain in soft, velvety tones: “I’ll see your
sparkling green eyes in paradise.”

Emotions passed through his features: confusion, pain. “Why are you playing it?”

She moved toward him. He towered over her and she had to crane her head to look into
his eyes. “Because it brings back good memories, happier times.”

Striker stepped back and crossed his arms, preventing her from slipping into his embrace.
“What if I don’t want to remember? What if I’ve moved on?”

Tiff ignored his question, even though it sliced her heart with a knife of regret. “We were
so good together once. You and I.” She ran her finger down the length of his arm. “I’m glad to
see you.”

He shifted uncomfortably. He’d backed into the wall, and he couldn’t back up any

She moved to caress his shoulder. “You know, I’m the one that insisted we go back for
you. I’m the one who wanted to set things right.”

“There is no ‘setting things right,’ Tiff.” Striker grabbed her hand. “When you left me
here, our relationship ended. You killed it. There’s no way to resuscitate something’s that been
dead for five years, even if I wanted to.”

Tiff’s hand gripped his, squeezing hard. Even though he held her hand to keep her at bay,
she shivered at his touch. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“You’ve missed the map, that’s what you’ve missed.”

Tiff balked, her hand going limp. Is that really what he thought of her? She did feel love
for him, but now, because of her actions, he’d never believe her.

Bitterness stung her heart. She only had one last card to play. “You don’t have to do this,
you know.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Do what?”

“Risk our lives for some girl you barely know.”

Anger flashed in his features. She’d miscalculated.

“Aries is not just some girl. She doesn’t deserve to be locked up in that ship.”

Tiff’s voice hardened. Hearing her name was like putting a brick wall up between them.
“Striker, forget about her. We could be together again, you and me.”

“Yeah. I need that as much as another stab in the back.” Striker pushed by her and
grumbled, “I’ve got more important things to do.”

Tiff’s world shattered, like some pretty façade she’d been building on glass. She was
losing him, so she clenched on tight, grasping his arm. How could a prissy, colonial snob be
better than she was?

“What does she have that I don’t have?”

He whirled around and crowded into her personal space, forcing her to slink back against
the wall. “I’ll tell you what. Aries put her life on the line for me. She gave up her freedom for

Tiff loosened her grip on his arm. It wasn’t what she’d expected to hear.

“Yeah, you look surprised? Self-sacrifice is a concept you know nothing about.” He put
up an incriminating finger and pressed it into her chest. “I’ll tell you what you are: you’re just
another desperate pirate, putting yourself above everyone else. You left me to die here and only came back when you needed something from me.”

He yanked his arm back, breaking free from her. Tiff felt the last of her hope die. Some
mistakes couldn’t be taken back. Like her brother’s misjudgment of his ship’s engine capacity.

If you want to find out if Tiff finds paradise, you’ll have to read Paradise 21.

Connect with Aubrie:

Thanks for sharing your favorite scene with us Aubrie! This was a scene with a lot of emotional build-up, it had that car crash effect... you couldn't help but stare even though you wanted to look away from the painful scene unfolding.

With the long weekend I got Paradise 21 finished and am really looking forward to seeing more from Aubrie. If you like sci-fi in your romance and dystopian flavors of fiction you should pick up a copy today. -- Rhi


Aubrie said...

Thanks for having me here today, Rhi! I'm so glad you enjoyed Paradise 21!

Rhianna said...

Thanks for being here Aubrie! Writing my review is going to be hard because there's so much to talk about. Elements of scifi and romance and dystopian futuristic... I think once readers start seeing more reviews and knowing what it's about they'll love it. :)

Aubrie said...

Thank you! I look forward to your review! I saw your status updates on Goodreads. :)


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