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Weekend Reading [08/12-08/14] :: Monster High Collecting, Smexy Reading & Randomness

What a long week eh? I'm so glad the weekend is here.

I've been having some great fun with the tot this week reading review copies of boardbooks and stuff intended for her age on my iPad. It's so awesome having one of my kids think reading is fun. ;) Bah on my tweens!

With the start of school just a couple of weeks off now I've had school on the brain. This is the first year school shopping has been a chore and not fun. Our soon-to-be sixth grader suddenly hates new clothes and has no interest in helping pick up his supplies. *head/desk*

Earlier this week the hubs stumbled on the latest wave of Monster High dolls while picking up wasp killer at Target. Dude! They're so cute. They're class themed so Lagoona Blue's is Mad Science, Frankie Stein's is Home Ick and Ghoulia Yelps' is Physical Deaducation. How cute eh?

I was still looking for the Dead Tired line we couldn't find while we were out of town and didn't even know they had these and a special Target exclusive Gloom Beach five-pack (the only place you can get the beach Ghoulia). Needless to say my charge card is feeling the crunch. Ha! Guess what though? I totally spaced asking my friend who went to Comic Con to buy me the Comic Con exclusive Ghoulia. *doh* Now people are selling it for about $50 versus the $20 you'd pay at CC.

Are any of you readers also collecting the Monster High stuff?

I'm honestly not sure how to go about it but I was thinking of contacting Mattel to see if they might send me info on their Monster High doll lines before they come out so someone out there will have some accurate info for collectors. I have yet to find a proper site for adult collectors and honestly that's frustrating. Not that I mind the ones where the majority of the fans are the targeted audience I'm just finding that they don't often have accurate information. I'd like to see a collectors site (or at least some kind of resource-even a blog) where adults are keeping them packaged and have lists of what items have been released, store exclusives, and that kind of thing. Heck, I think I may end up starting a MH collecting blog just for myself so I can keep track of what I have. Would anyone be interested if I reviewed the books or invited the author over for some QandA?

And now for the bookishness... what are you guys reading? It's so rare anyone comments I never know if anyone is actually reading these posts and I mostly know what others are reading thanks to Goodreads. lol I just finished the amazing JULIET IMMORTAL last night and can't wait for its sequel ROMEO REDEEMED. I've got to hound Stacey about it as soon as the craziness of release week slows down. Speaking of the lovely Ms. Jay... if you haven't picked up her adult debut DEAD ON THE DELTA yet... do it! If you love Urban Fantasy this is awesomesauce. I just pre-ordered its sequel, BLOOD ON THE BAYOU, this morning 'cause even though I know I can get an ARC I want the real thing. ;)

Now that I've finished JI I'm going to get burning on Lisa Kessler's NIGHT WALKER. If you like Laurie London's Sweet Bloods and J.R. Ward's BDB series this has a touch of each and I'm really enjoying it.

Hope you all get lots of reading and relaxation this weekend. I've got a few rental flicks to watch (yay SUPER finally came out!) and TB dinner night with the inlaws so hopefully it will be a chill one. -- Rhi

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