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Weekend Reading [07/19-07/21] :: Makin' it a quickie...

demotivational posters - WRONG
see more Very Demotivational

Naw, not hatin' on the Twilight. Just thought it was funny and needed something quick to throw up for my post today. I completely spaced we were having company for like 10 days and that they were showing up this week. So uhm yeah... here I am trying to get the last bits of back-to-school stuff done, reading in every free minute, and making plans for a date night with the hubs and I get the call "just letting you know we're leaving in about an hour so we'll be there..." *facepalm*

This weekend I'll be finishing up THE WHAT-IF GUY, probably this afternoon while I'm at the doctor's office with my toddler. At some point I need to get groceries because I needed to wait until my company was here to do the shopping so I know what I can feed them. I'll have to remember to mention more about it but I did have some good news this week... I met my work-out goal of getting into the pre-baby jeans! So proud of myself and soooo happy to finally have more than one pair of jeans I can wear.

I'm also working on EMBRACED BY BLOOD by Laurie London. It's kind of plodding along for me at the moment but I think I'm guilty of wanting there to be some steamy lovin' happening. Get to the sex already! ha. Never thought I'd say that.

Hope all of you have an awesome weekend. I really do love hearing what you guys are reading right now so drop me a comment and tell me about it! -- Rhi

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